Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Taylor Swift Fairy Tale!

It has been two years since Taylor Swift's last album, and she makes a come back with a great studio album that tells stories and lessons the country singer has learned —the bad and the good way. This album is believed to be her most personal and artistic one, outlining a new chapter in her life.
Swift, 20, is one of the biggest music stars of our time. Her third and latest album, "Speak Now," is intended to be a masterpiece. The majority of the songs in this album tell stories with topics ranging from her previous failed relationships to glimpses that she is not a princess but a young woman. These songs are an "open book" that Swift artistically wrote with a particular person in mind, and each has a special message—Swift regrets not saying the right words when the time was right; things she wanted to say, but she never did.
Now, through these songs, she tells each person what she meant to say when she was in front of them.
"Back to December," is one of songs included in this album, and it was inspired from a boy whose heart she broke in December. Like this song, she goes remembering one by one, many of the moments that have impacted her life in the past years; from her very first love who she never thought would be her first heartbreak to a mean man she was afraid of. From someone that made her world darker to someone she forgave for what he said in front of the world.
This album, which Swift personally wrote by herself, comprises about 14 tunes that promise to be as dazzling and candid as the ones from her first and second album. She says that every song she writes is inspired from her own life experiences.
"You have to give yourself a lot of time to live a lot," said Swift to Rolling Stone Magazine during an interview.
At the "Speak Now Live Event" in New York on Oct. 25th, the day of the album release, Swift said that storytelling is her favorite thing because it is "what makes life a little more sense to her."
With her first single, "Mine," Taylor Swift has made it to the Top 5 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.


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