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Sorry took me a lot of time to write this cause my downloader was taking ages to download the latest hp7 game. So, here it is;

Another dramatic week, with tons of love, tension and even a little Nazi humor! Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom tied the knot on last night’s episode of “Glee“, but the drama did not start or end with the wedding. “Furt” delivered some romance, some action, and a few surprises for the students, teachers, and parents at McKinley High. Overall it wasn’t a bad week for the gang…

When Burt Hummel and Carole Hudson announce they are getting married, instead of hiring a band the couple gets New Directions to perform at their wedding. At McKinley, Sue’s mother (guest star Carol Burnett) arrives unexpectedly, and Kurt’s ongoing confrontation with his bully comes to blows.

This episode like a lot of other Glee episodes come a stand again a few problem of the common public. Featuring some family drama that gave excellent insight into the characters’ dispositions and provocations, and showed how far these characters have come throughout the show. Sue’s mom Doris (Carole Burnett) returns to Ohio after her Nazi-hunting duties are finished, but her daughter does not exactly welcome her with open arms. The more we learn about Sue, the more her abrasive and often absurd behavior makes sense. Her “life is tough, get a helmet” attitude is a result of having to basically fend for herself and parent her disabled sister while her parents were off doing something, in their minds, more important.

Also, Finn has long been reluctant to befriend Kurt let alone rise to his new brother’s defense, because he is uncomfortable with Kurt’s homosexuality. When Mike, Artie, and Sam take on Dave Kronofsky in Kurt’s defense, Finn’s absence from the ensuing fight raises more than a few eyebrows in the choir room. This is an ongoing issue on the show that it well addresses and much like real life not easily solved. This weeks episode once again raises the stacks on the issue once again. One wonders how far they will go?

But on a more cheesier note “Love is in the air” Burt and Carole’s wedding prompted examination of the many couples on Glee, and how each are –

Rachel and Finn’s relationship seems almost perfect these days, but may soon be rocked by a revelation about Finn’s (nonexistent) virginity and his one-night stand with Santana. Though Finn dealt with Santana, how long will/can he keep the secret from Rachel?

Sam offers Quinn a promise ring, which, among other things, promises to catapult the adorable golden-haired couple to Brangelina status on the McKinley social structure. What are Sam’s real motivations, though? Early on in the episode, he confesses to Finn that his desire to be popular that made him want to be with Quinn; later on, he tells her he loves her, and sounds convincing.

Sue, on the other hand, has identified the person who she most wants to spend her life with: herself. Though played for laughs, this declaration of proud single-ness was refreshing in the midst of a couple-centric ep. This was another example of the genius of Sue Sylvester- though harsh, she is who she is without apologies and embraces her life for what it is without complaint.

But the major plot maneuver - After suffering extreme emotional and physical distress because of Dave Karofsky’s repeated bullying, Kurt decides its time to make a serious change. He, along with his parents, decide it is best for him transfer to Dalton Academy after Karofsky’s expulsion is overturned by the school board. This signals a major change for Kurt and for the show, and will certainly heighten the stakes at Sectionals, where as Rachel points out, Kurt will compete against New Directions.

Though “Furt” had its sentimental moments, the major character insights and developments, couple with swift plot movement kept the episode from getting too sappy. It was definitely a game-changing hour for “Glee” on a multitude of levels, most prominently Kurt’s decision to leave McKinley High and Finn.

Well moving on next week we have the ninth episode of the season titled “Special Education” - New Directions performs at Sectionals, competing against the Dalton Academy Warblers and the Warren Township Hipsters. While the relationship between guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) and dentist Carl Howell (John Stamos) develops, those of some of the students meet rough patches. 


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