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The 'A' - Jurnale is proud to present the first tour spot for James Strait's book DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN.

About the Author:-

James Strait’s professional career began as a Special Forces soldier, where he demonstrated youthful tenacity and versatility by becoming the youngest recruit to graduate Special Forces Training Group.

After the military he enjoyed a thirty-year career as a professional pilot flying over one hundred different types and categories of airplanes. In parallel, Mr. Strait operated a small business providing a variety of services to civilian companies and the military.

After retirement from professional aviation, Mr. Strait transitioned into broadcast radio where he has hosted “Strait Talks” radio since 2006. He began his professional writing career with the release of “Weird Missouri”, in 2008. His most recent book, “Déjà vu All Over Again” is an action adventure novel taking place in the final 57 hours prior to the calendar turning 12-21-2012.

His future projects involve the release of his third book, “Thomas Jefferson is Missing”.

About the Book:-

IT HAD LONG BEEN DEBATED THAT THE END OF DAYS FOR PLANET EARTH WAS SET IN CONCRETE AS DECEMBER 21, 2012. Mathematical savant Ana Christensen was merely following her instincts when working a theorem in a direction and style that could have never been accepted by traditional mathematicians. As a result she stumbled upon an ancient Mayan creation, a time loop beginning in 3114BC and ending on the long contested twenty first century date. In a dynamic race against time, Ana and her male compatriot battle the forces of individual evil, bureaucracy, paramilitary mercenaries, and most powerful of all…destiny.


From the Author himself: "Q. What will you do when the End of the World is upon us? How will you cope with it?"

The world ends of all of us when we die...regardless of upcoming manmade prjections for the end of times. Thus, I'm not concerned in the least about December 21, 2012.

As far as coping, there's a great poster from theh 1970''s a mouse looking up into the eyes and talons of a raptor about to take him as meal, thusly, ending the mouse's world. In the poster, the mouse is giving the raptor the middle finger. The caption on that poster is "The Last Great Act of Defiance." Thus, I'll "coping" by flipping off the forces that bring us all to an end.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Secret Circle - Season 1 wrap up

A circle of witches, drama, daddy issues, dark magic and what not...The Secret Circle started as an ambitious project for the Vampire Diaries big hocho Kevin Williamson, both works of author L.J.Smith. Now while The Vampire Diaries has found its firm footing with its audience and the television networks - sadly something went missing with the Secret Circle.

Lets recap what we know so far - Cassie has embraced her dark side, Jake is back and the witch hunters are resilient than ever...add to the mix daddy Blackwell who is back from the dead after so long. He says he just wants to reconnect with his daughter and be in her life but something fishy is going on. He makes them believe that Adam and Cassie can't be together (the only good thing he did mind you! I still think Jake and Cassie are better suited together) and wants to reunite the six crystals that had been divided among the six witch families of Chance Harbor. Around this is when the slithery snake demons make a re-entry (gross!) the witch hunter Eben gets those uber-gross things in him to get some control over the circle and destroy them just like the did when their parents in the boatyard fire 16 years ago. 

The naive circle with nothing better to do follow all of what Blackwell tells them to do, i.e., get all the crystals, form back the crystal object of great power (dark magic to be precise)...which will them destroy the witch hunters. Oh and did I forget to mention that Nick is still alive...he was the traitor witch who lent their power to Eben who in turn had used it to gain access to those demons. Back to the circle - they get all the crystals, form the skull back, which in turn unbinds the circle and they get their individual powers back. Oh also Diana is the other Blackwell girl (pretty shocking huh!). 

The final showdown, Faye needs to be saved from the witch hunters, the parents come clean and reshuffle their priorities to the one which has got "save the children" rather than "get our powers back".  Charles Meade takes all the demons in him(bad move daddy Meade!), and the real reason behind the reformation of the crystal skull is revealed. Blackwell wanted to create the ultimate circle of witch all of them being Blackwell's own children and kill all the other witches. Well suffice it to say he doesn't succeed in the killing department. At the nick of time, Cassie awakens Diana's dark magic and they are able to revert the skull's magic back unto Blackwell, who as a result burn from the inside and dies. So at the end the good people win, the circle agrees to hide the skull somewhere safe, Diana decides to leave Chance Harbor and go with Grant(who by the way has a sexy Australian accent), both Diana and Cassie get the dark magic tattoo on their hands and the other four Blackwell children arrive in Chance Harbor. Sadly, we won't know what happens in that area since The CW has decided not to renew the series for a second season...

Anyways moving on thoughts on the season and where it could have been a little better - They actually strayed from the books a bit too much...while yes removing Nick was a big NO from me but Jake was definitely a HOTTER addition. They found their footing a bit too late...which is to say towards the end of the season and the acting was also sub-par. Only Phoebe Tonkin stood out as this spunky no nonsense witch in the whole mix. Only the writing teams use of one problem per episode aka rushing to end each problem in the same episode proved even if the show did seem interesting at first, you start to loose interest in it after a certain time definitely not good for the i'm definitely not sorry that CW decided to cancel the show. 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Blog Notice

Hey Everyone,

Again I'm sorry for not updating sooner but somehow something or the other came up...So i won't be writing anything about all the movies i had seen since Sherlock Holmes 2 because i'm just bored and they are too many.....

So here is the deal - This is what i'm sticking to now:

After my exams finish,

I'll update with

  • the movie review of THE AVENGERS (have yet to see it so i'll review then),
  • the season finale report for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 3, THE SECRET CIRCLE season 1
  • a full season report to ONCE UPON A TIME and GRIMM.

I'm definitely sticking to this now......

Aparajita @The -'A' - Jurnale


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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR : The Silversmith Chronicles by Sam Hossler

Author Sam Hossler is touring for his fantasy, The Silversmith Chronicles Episode 1 with Tourz de Codex and we are proud to present ourselves as the first tour stop.

About The Author

“The Silversmith Chronicles” is a new direction from author Sam Hossler—combining his vast knowledge of 18th century American history with an action/suspense theme. This is also his first book presented in “Episodes,” similar to how famous writers such as Charles Dickens presented their works of fiction in the 18th century. The author’s fascination with the outdoors and archaeology sparked his interest in frontier life—a passion that led to writing several books including “Frontier Preacher” and “Frontier at Three Rivers.” Says Hossler: “I write history like you will never read it in history books!” He is a past president of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America as well as being listed in the Professional Outdoor Writers Registry. Sam is also a true “Yankee Doodle Dandy” since he was born on the 4th of July!

About the Book

Sam's NEW e-book adventure Silversmith Chronicles is an exciting, action packed werewolf mystery presented in a series of three episodes. Follow three young people as they unravel the truth or fiction about werewolves. The story takes place in the 1800s in western Pennsylvania. Available from Amazon on Kindle Episode is now on sale from

About the Publishers

Granny Apple Publishing LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida, publishes Print on Demand books, eBooks, Audio Books and traditional printed books.

An Exclusive Interview with Sam Hossler

Q. Please tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself.

A. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in natural science. With my love for the outdoors what could be more natural than writing about it. Although it took quite some time before I actually got around to writing, a stint in the Air Force and outside work keep me busy. After a float trip down Pine Creek in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania I penned my first magazine article. To my surprise it sold and that was the beginning of my writing career. For the next twenty or more years magazine articles were all I wrote, outdoors, travel and some product reviews. Then an archeological dig at Hanna’s Town Pennsylvania peaked my interest. I had always be interested in how our forefathers lived and the history involved. The more I read and researched it the more I knew a novel was hiding there. So, I wrote my first book, The Summer of 1763, and followed it with The Great Land Grab. Both are now combined into Frontier at Three Rivers. Frontier Preacher was conceived by information given me by a descendent of Rev. John Corbly. Rev. Katie White furnished family history, newspaper and historical records for this project

Q. Describe your book in a sentence to convince us to buy it.

A. Silversmith Chronicles is a fun fast read. Werewolves prowling the countryside in western Pennsylvania. Follow the three werewolf hunters as they attempt to rescue the girl taken by one of these beast. Can a werewolf be killed by a silver bullet? Can the curse be lifted by branding the afflicted with a red hot silver cross? These are just a few of the questions answered in The Silversmith Chronicles.

Q. What was your inspiration behind your book?

A. It is a popular subject and I was looking for just that.

Q. What are the best aspects of writing?

A. Expressing you thoughts and feelings to others.

Q. How do you research for a book before you being the writing process?

A. The internet has a wealth of information. I spend a fair amount of time at libraries, and historical societies.

Q. Any advice you would want to give to aspiring writers?

A. Write about what you know, don’t get discouraged we all get rejection slips, write and rewrite. Join a writers group.


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Author Marie Harbon is touring for her sci-fi SEVEN POINT EIGHT with Tourz de Codex and we are proud to present ourselves as one of the first tour stops of this four day extravaganza.

[FREE! in the Kindle Store April 16th-19th ]

About the Author:-

Marie Harbon has worked in both the retail and fitness industry. She has a degree in sport and fitness and taught group exercise for several years, delivering aerobics and Pilates classes. For two years, she delivered BTEC Sport courses and has also instructed dance and sport with children.

Aside from writing novels, she is developing her script writing and editorial skills. A busy bee, she is also a self-confessed fabric geek and loves making bags and corsets.


Seven Point Eight:
The most powerful number in the universe.
The number that connects everything.

A long time ago, our ancestors lived in a very different world
from the one we inhabit today. We understood the language of the Earth, the stars, the sky people and we knew of the Number. This was a moment known as The First Time.

But over time, we forgot all of this and the wisdom of the Number was lost too. We walked through life asleep, ignorant of the truth.

Yet we retain a deep and hidden memory of everything that we ever were. There lies within us the hope that one day, we can re-connect with the language of the Earth, the stars, the sky people and the wisdom of the Number. The moment has arrived for The Second Time.

It is time to wake up.

A physicist begins a quest to measure the soul but soon finds himself drawn into the world of the enigmatic Max Richardson, where research is sold to the military at the highest bid. However, he soon discovers another purpose when an extremely talented young psychic enters his life. He devises a project
and builds a team to stretch the frontiers of exploration, only to make a reality-shattering discovery...

The First Chronicle is the beginning of a 5 part epic which
follows the spiritual and emotional journey of five people; their quest to understand the universe and our place within it. Along the way, they address the fundamental questions we all seek answers to:

Why are we here?
What is the purpose of the universe?
Is there a God?

Quantum physics meets spirituality in a tale which begins in the 1940s, unfolds during the 1960s; an era of social and spiritual transformation and reaches its conclusion in the modern age.
It interweaves the human dramas of love, betrayal, bitterness and above all, courage in a world where everyone must face their own dark shadow.

Written in the style of a TV series, this is for those of you who love clever and intriguing story lines 'Lost' and 'Fringe' style.

This is a great read for fans of the paranormal, big
sweeping epics, metaphysics, science fiction, contemporary fantasy, alternate realities and new age/spirituality.

The 2nd edition is scheduled for release in February 2012, which will also make a great YA read for those who like some science with their paranormal. It's available through all common outlets as an ebook and paperback.

An Exclusive Interview with The Author

Q. Please tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself.
I’m a UK based author and screenwriter who writes mainly in the science fiction and paranormal genres, although I may break that rule from time to time. Apart from writing, my greatest passions also include fabric and stitching; I create bags, corsets and clothing in the vintage, retro and alternative style.

Q. Describe your book in a sentence to convince us to buy it.
Be prepared for a journey, an expedition that draws together fringe science, psychic powers, alternate dimensions, time travel, miracles, folklore, consciousness, conspiracy and nostalgia, in a soap opera for the soul.

Q. What was your inspiration behind ‘Seven Point Eight’?
It amalgamates all the things that interest me and that I’ve read about, including quantum physics, mysticism, psychic powers and the universe. I wanted to create a highly ambitious series that encompasses life, the universe and everything, in an epic story revolving around five principal characters.

Q. What are the best aspects of writing?
Always the creative process, building events and scenes from scratch and seeing everything play out in a mind movie. Re-drafting has its merits too, for an author can really see the story come together and flesh out. Very often, a first draft can be skeletal, so subsequent revisions can really put the flesh and skin on a story.

Q. How do you research for a book before you begin the writing process?
I tend to take notes from the books I’ve read, indicating how it fits in with my story. The details are often researched as I progress through a book, reflecting where I need more detail. It’s also down to the draft stage it’s at; the technical research was the first layer, while the next draft focused on the historical context.

Q. Why science fiction? Who do you think leads in the sci-fi quota?
I like geeky science but I also love the grand and epic scope that sci-fi offers. There are many great sci-fi movies and TV series that remain favourites, such as Star Wars, Contact, Star Trek, Star Gate and Fringe. In the book world, Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov have set the precedents, but more recently, the writers Stephen Baxter and David Zindell are breaking new ground.

Q. The last sci-fi movie you saw?
I guess The Hunger Games counts, as it uses some soft sci-fi ideas, along with its dystopian backdrop.

Q. Any advice you would want to give aspiring writers?
Study both the craft of writing and the world of publishing, whether that be traditional or indie. Understand the market and what makes readers tick. Observe people and relationships. Join writing groups and find yourself a critique partner.
Organise a good editor. Build a social networking platform – blog, Facebook, Twitter etc… And finally, persevere.

FROM THE AUTHOR'S DESK: It’s Quicker By Consciousness

‘Man also possesses a power by which he may see his friends and the circumstances by which they are surrounded, although such persons may be a thousand miles away from him at that time’.
Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)

“Welcome to Consciousness Direct Inter-Dimensional Travel. Your conscious mind is ready to depart from your body via Terminal 5. Please keep your third eye open and your physical eyes shut tight. Enjoy the ride”.

In an increasingly virtual world, where we no longer maintain face to face contact to communicate and immerse ourselves in intricately woven computer generated worlds, how long will it be before we never have to travel anywhere, physically, again? What if we could just transport our mind to another country, planet or indeed, an alternate dimension of reality?

During times of conflict, the governments of the world have used remote viewers as a form of espionage. This, I see, is closely related to astral, or consciousness travel and relates to the third eye. As Max Richardson, one of the characters from my book points out, ‘remote viewers know no boundaries. They aren’t limited by the restrictions imposed by the physical body. Their consciousness can travel anywhere, unhindered, any distance, instantaneously. They have, in fact, a limitless capacity to explore’.

What better way to experience the universe? If we could attune our third eye to these alternate dimensions, what could we expect to see?

Paul, the physicist in ‘Seven Point Eight’ documents one such journey…
‘Colours began to come into the spotlight, very vivid colours which were unlike anything on Earth, it’s hard to describe their brilliance. It was almost like a painting coming into view, with luminous watercolours depicting a forest of evergreen splendour. Pearl-like streams wove through it and in the distance, serpentine tendrils and vines extended far up into the atmosphere.  Instead of terminating at a point high in the sky, they curved inward and embraced, creating a warped perspective like a fish eye lens on a camera.’

But, if we had special abilities to travel out of body, what would we do with them? What would the government do with them if they could?


    Sunday, April 8, 2012

    Blog Notice: I'M BACK

    You all have noticed that I have been absent from this blog for a long time, and missed on a lot of movie reviews and the vampire diaries, the secret circle or any latest tv and book news.

    But I'm back now, in full swing and hopefully i'd have it back on full swing by next week.

    The movie reviews that I have missed out on - The Girl With the dragon tattoo, Hugo, The Woman in black, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and most recently The Hunger Games, they'll be up next week.

    I'll be having some book tour spots this month here too, so stay tuned for them.

    Also, i'll be posting a complete review of the The Vampire Diaries (Season 3), The Secret Circle (Season 3), Glee (Season 3) and Once Upon a Time (Season 1) when they finish their season runs. Yup I'm watching Once Upon a Time too.

    Also thinking to start watching Grimm, my cousin says its awesome...we'll wait and see.

    Really Really sad that Terra Nova wont be renewed for a 2nd season wont be able to know what happened with the badlands. Hope it gets picked up by any other tv network as the news was saying.

    Well stay tuned guys and keep the visits rolling.


    Saturday, February 25, 2012


    Author Harry Deshpande is touring for his book THE HOMEGROWN with Tourz de Codex and we are proud to present ourselves as the first tour stop.

    About The Author

    Harry Deshpande has worked in finance/costing/admin/procurement at various points of time. During the same period he also managed to rack up losses in about six business ventures, one after another.

    He left India in 2001 and started programming in 2002. He and his family have moved around the globe for the next few years and are now settled down in United States since 2007. Harry is now working as a developer for a fortune 500 company.

    Other than writing and programming, Harry also indulges in book reviews and day-trading stocks.

    About The Homegrown

    What does it take to make a man turn against his country and join the Jihadists? Today, as suicide bombs and terrorist attacks devastate all corners of the globe, this question consumes all of us. Now, author Harry Deshpande's debut novel, The Homegrown, comes all too close to home to explore the journey of an educated Danish citizen, who is confronted by circumstances that compel him to unfathomable ends. With Deshpande's effort to lift the veil on the lethal exchange at play on the international stage, readers who seek a deeper understanding of the global dynamics that are compromising world peace will find invaluable insight into the mind of the converted.

    When recent college graduate Anwar, a Muslim born in Denmark, marries Nahgma, an Indian Muslim, her prosperous father is keen to celebrate the union by treating them to a honeymoon in Hawaii. However, Anwar's father has a markedly different idea in mind to launch their marriage: a visit to the family homeland of Pakistan to acquaint the new bride with Pashtun culture. Reluctantly agreeing, Anwar finds himself in the province of Quetta, and in the forbidding company of Hamid, a member of his extended family who has a palpable madness in his eyes.

    Regrettably, this meeting will forever alter Anwar's worldview. When he takes up Hamid's offer to visit a site of American attack as proof that the United States is targeting innocents, Anwar lands in the middle of a skirmish between American Special Forces and the jihadist elements. From there, one traumatic event after another calls into question Anwar's accepted Danish mores, his relationship with his new bride, and his comprehension of Denmark's complicity to Pakistani atrocities at the hands of Americans.

    From there, rigorous Jihadist brainwashing quickly transforms a benign Western accountant into an avowed Muslim with a new wife, for whom he has a passion that even surprises him. With that love rendered asunder, Anwar now has the fire to enact the unimaginable, right in his once-beloved Denmark.

    With each turn, The Homegrown charts the grave and all-too-common trajectory from world citizen to public enemy, casting crucial light on why terrorists succeed with their message of hatred, and why the United States may be losing in the war of propaganda.


    It is about the not so spectactular journey of a man who, due to a strange chain of events, will give up everything he knows to an act of terror. Written more as the journals of Anwar, this book has enough interactions to keep the story moving. A simple tale about what is here and what is there. Admirable job done by the author.


    Friday, January 6, 2012


    Author Neisa Hutson is touring for her book INDIANA FIRE with Tourz de Codex and we are proud to present ourselves as the first tour stop.


    Neisa Hutson currently lives in Farmington, West Virginia. When she’s not reading, she is writing. When she isnot writing, she is spending time with her fiancé, her family, and of course her dog Tia. In the past she has worked with the local newspaper, but is undecided on which direction to take with her writing career.
    She graduated from North Marion High, and even though she is not in college, she is enjoying her time working,reading, and growing as a writer. For the time being she spends her time writing stories, working on her other love, painting and sketching, and blogging about her favorite books. Her first novel, Indiana Fire, was written for friends, writers, and fans of zombies alike. Her love of Dystopia led her to writing her own novel in hopes of making it unique and original.


    Q. Hi Neisa. Please tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself.
    Well, I am twenty years young. I live in West Virginia. It is in fact its own state! Some people apparently think that West Virginia is part of the state Virginia. I love writing, but my first love will always be drawing and sketching. I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. I secretly still love finger painting. I am a big animal lover. Dogs and horses are my weakness. I do have a part time job at the moment to help pay for things, but when I am home I love to write, blog about books, or play with my dog Tia.

    Q. Describe your book in a sentence to convince us to buy it.
    When the apocalypse has come and gone you’re still alive, what will you fear?

    Q. What was your inspiration behind “INDIANA FIRE”?
    At the time, I had been reading books like The Forest of Hands and Teeth, World War Z, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, and How to Survive a Horror Film. My passion for zombies had grown along with my passion for Dystopia. I wanted something personal and something that could keep not only young girls attentions but also young guys. I wanted something with action and pain. I wanted something not exactly simple, but an easy enough read for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to put out my hand in the dystopian world. My fiancé influenced and inspired my decision. He also writes, and I wanted to write something that we both could enjoy. I forced myself away from the chick lit, the fantasy, and romance. I found that I love this side of writing; this darker style is very addictive! I think most of all it wanted an original zombie story that had never been heard of before.

    Q. What are the best aspects of writing?
    The being able to reach out to someone else through a story is the best aspect. It knows that maybe someone out there like you will read your book, and it is the hope that you’ll be just that extra encouragement they needed to write one of their own.

    The freedom that comes from being a writer and the knowing that you can let your imagination run wild is one of the greatest aspects. I love being able to just sit down at my computer, drink my cup of coffee, and fall into a world that I have created.

    Q. How do you research for a book before you being the writing process?
    I write a lot of fantasy, so I do not do that much researching. That is what I love about fantasy! You can write anything you want without having to worry about being realistically right. That is why I love writing about our world, but making it my own with Fantasy and Dystopian like things. It gives you so much freedom as a writer.

    The one thing though that I try to research states or countries. I try to place my characters in states that I have visited or lived in. Having them live in your own state makes things so much easier. When writing Indiana Fire, they live in New York, but generally speaking, I knew enough to write about it. I also created my own island off the east coast, which gave room for imagination. The only two other states that I used are West Virginia and Indiana. 

    I had visited Indiana once for the National FFA Convention in high school. Yes, I was in the FFA and participated in things like Parliament Procedure and Agronomy. Anyways, I remembered buildings and places. It influenced my choosing Indiana as the state for the disease to begin.

    Q. Any advice you would want to give to aspiring writers?
    Do not give up! Everyone has to start somewhere, even if it is at the bottom. I still have much to learn and much to work towards. Even when I received rejection letter after rejection letter, I still moved on and worked even harder. The hardest thing to stomach was the agent who almost accepted my book, and even asked for more to read. Those are the hardest rejections to accept. However, you have to look at it as a relationship.
    Think of it, as there is someone out there just right for my book. It is the finding them that is hard. Everyone has that special someone, whether it is an agent or reader. The adventure and exciting part is the finding them!


    Everyday you look over your shoulder. Every night you lock the door and lay the gun next to your head. Every touch, every breath, and every scar could mean death. Every day you live in the fear of the Blayz...This is my world as I hide inside the walls, but even here the disease rages on killing us off one by one. The world outside seems so cruel now compared to the one I live in, but good things don't last forever. I hide in fear of the disease, the Black Fire. The burning causes your mind to go insane, then your skin turns black as ashes decaying by the second, and third you turn into a Flaym hoping wishing that someone would kill you, end the pain. I am locked away from this world, until I met the green skinned boy who promised safety within 'Alamo', a place deep within the West Virginia hills. Traveling is dangerous, and the state is far, my chances of making it there are little to none. I can only hope that I will find my place across the ocean. If only I could escape this world where the skin crawls, humans are scarce, and the Blayz fill the streets.

    A flash of movement and a screaming end to the Blayz that line the Florida shores. My days of killing are over as the government releases me from my duties. Along with my friend Broc, I travel North to a place once known as New York. I go there not only to flee from the disease, but I go there in hopes of finding my lost love. After years of pain, watching my own brother kill his daughter, and leaving my fiancée behind, I am ready to return to the sane. But even there within the walls there is not much comfort. A dead lover and no home. I find comfort in knowing a young man who loved a young girl, who had been long gone from the city. We find peace in an island off the east coast, and it is there that I learn that the Blayz aren't the only things we need to fear. Together we travel to a place called the Alamo. A deadly journey begins to a place known as Indiana where the disease began. This is a place where mutants roam and disease spreads consuming everything dead or alive in it's path.


    Every touch, every breath, every scar can kill. A dystopian raging with a deadly disease. This is a dying world. This is the story of Christine and Alan, the world outside is cruel now compared to the one I live in, but good things don't last forever. I hide in fear of the disease, the Black Fire. The burning causes your mind to go insane, then your skin turns black as ashes decaying by the second, and third you turn into a Flaym hoping wishing that someone would kill you, end the pain. A job well done by the author for you definitely can't leave the book for even a second.


    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    In 2009 Guy Ritchie defied the odds with his reboot of Sherlock Holmes and managed to readjust perspective about the legendary sleuth to a kick-ass, crime solving hero. Now he returns again with a sequel that furthers the story of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. John Watson in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Like its predecessor, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is fun, easily-digestible entertainment, but the sequel simplifies the mystery and misses a major opportunity to highlight one of literature’s great villains.

    While Holmes’ nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, swirled around the first movie in the shadows, and now he has emerged (played by Jared Harris) to move towards a mysterious endgame. The device Moriarty stole at the end of the first movie has nothing to do with the new story, but grand plans still abound and Holmes has gone even more manic at the possibility of facing off against his equal. He must also deal with the annoyance that Watson (Jude Law) will be leaving for a peaceful married life with Mary (Kelly Reilly). His annoyance turns to serious concern with Moriarty threatens to harm Watson, Mary, and Sherlock’s brother Mycroft (Stephen Fry) if Sherlock doesn’t back off. Naturally, the cocky detective does no such thing and ropes Watson into the hunt along with a Simza (Noomi Rapace), a gypsy who helps the investigation in order to find her missing brother. 

    A Game of Shadows reduces the detective aspect of the first film and focuses on playing up the action and the comedy. Ritchie knows his approach worked the first time, and he’s all too eager to try to top his already over-stylized visuals. Downey once again plays the character with daffy abandon and his chemistry with Law remains strong. The homoerotic comedy fires on all cylinders and I imagine the third film will have Holmes and Watson making-out for at least 60% of the runtime. Fry gets to steal a little bit of the humor as well, but considering his comic abilities, he feels underutilized. But Fry is practically a lead when compared to Rapace. Rapace was supposed to be a big splash in the states after earning raves for her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish Dragon Tattoo movies, but her character inShadows is barely present. Simza is merely a plot point and it seems like the need to have a female co-star was more important than giving the female co-star a good character.
    But the real crime is wasting Moriarty, because villains can help illuminate our heroes. Moriarty is Holmes without conscience. He’s the only person on the planet who can challenge the great detective and A Game of Shadows makes a poor play by shuffling him off to the side. The intent is to make the villain’s presence felt even when he’s not on screen, but we got that in the first movie. Whenever Moriarty is on screen, Jared Harris steals the spotlight, which is impressive considering he has to contend with Downey.

    A Game of Shadows retains most of the best qualities of the first film: Downey’s charm; the witty banter and strong chemistry between Holmes and Watson; the slow-motion sequences that illustrate Holmes’ analytical powers at work; action sequences shot in Guy Ritchie’s signature hyper-kinetic style; and the Steampunk aesthetic that makes the 19th century setting feel fresh and interesting, without breaking too far from the realities of the period.

    On top of keeping all those elements intact, the sequel adds a wonderful villain in the form of Moriarty, who is realized onscreen in the best possible way by Mad Men actor Jared Harris. Moriarty is a sociopath hiding in plain sight: whether he’s delivering a lecture at university, hatching a terrorist strike, or directly threatening Holmes, the mad genius never loses his staunch English formality and soft-spoken demeanor, making him all the more disturbing.

    Ritchie handles the build-up to this crucial sequence brilliantly, skilfully increasing tension levels before achieving a famously intriguing payoff. If there is to be a third instalment to the Sherlock Holmes franchise (there should be if the final scene), the standard set by this cracking scene is what Ritchie and his team should be pushing themselves to match.


    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Terra Nova: Season 1 report

    Again I know this is a very late post, I should have already done with it when Terra Nova finished its first season run but my semester exams were going on and after they finished something or the other happened and I forgot all about it. But no worries again I say I’m back with a full season review… here goes nothing (also be sure to remember it contains spoilers!)

    Season re-cap – In the year 2149 planet Earth is breathing its last air…sorry did I say air…wrong no trees left every inch of the planet is covered in houses and domes (expensive housing areas), people are forced to use re-breathers, a type of mask that help the person breath to stay alive because there are absolutely no fresh air left, even the sun can’t come through with so much smoke and dense fumes (this situation should be a wake-up call for our authorities and do something to save the planet because while they plant one tree but thousands more are being cut to fill in the pockets of the rich) and due to the exceeding population it was decreed that a family can only be four, meaning no more than two children.

    During all this, few years back a time fracture was discovered that went back somewhat around 82 years in the past, the era of the dinosaurs to be exact and the colony of Terra Nova was born. The only hope for correcting the disastrous future and make a better tomorrow, so every year, the organization, Hope Plaza, build around that time fracture, sends selected pilgrims to help restart life on Earth. So our story starts with the Shannon family; Jim, Elisabeth and their children Josh, Maddy and Zoe, yup I mentioned three kids….Zoe the youngest is the illegal child, she was as the story suggests not planned and they are trying to raise her in secret (here is a note of suggestion from is vasectomy and tubectomy not applied in the future where there are advanced technologies? If the population police are so intent on keeping a family of four then they should have enforced a rule for this surgery….. don’t have anything against children or Zoe but wanted to say this bit). While so far they have been able to keep her safe but somebody tips the police about it and the Shannon home is raided and little Zoe is found but Jim won’t let anybody take their daughter away from them and attacks the officer….fellow officer, Jim is a cop. And so he is sent to jail and they take Zoe away.

    Two years later Elisabeth, Josh and Maddy are selected to go on to the 10th pilgrimage but they don’t want to leave Jim and Zoe behind so they stage a prison break and Jim gets Zoe (who had to be kept in a back with a re-breather) and force their way through the time fracture to the past. Getting there was no problem, Elisabeth is to be the Doctor in-charge of the infirmary and after a talk with the head honcho Commander Nathaniel Taylor (yup enter Stephen Lang), and Jim is kept on agriculture duty. But not for long after saving Commander Taylor’s life from a prisoner Jim is selected to be on the security.

    So Terra Nova and the past, although maybe a paradise compared to the future but not quite; aside from the colony being in the past….that past also houses the dinosaur and a rogue group of pilgrims who had for some reasons defected from Terra Nova. They had all come on the 6th Pilgrimage, so they are all referred to as the sixers. These sixers were sent for a reason, why? Nobody knows. But they do know is that these sixers had an agenda. Now back to the Shannon family, being in the past and being able to breathe fresh air isn’t all sunshine and daisies, there are a few things that is disturbing their peace, Josh for example is headstrong and rebellious, making his anger at his father clearly visible (although it doesn’t really last). Maddy meets her love interest, soldier Mark Reynolds (swooning… Dean Geyer!) and Zoe is adjusting to a life where she doesn’t have hide anymore. But living in the dinosaur era really makes them learn the values of life and they definitely try to get over the past to start anew.

    So over the course of the season Jim and Commander Taylor form a strong bond of friendship. We see them all deal with their demons of past, whether it is past love, memory loses due to a virus outbreak or dinosaurs attacking them, or the reveal of the sixer spy or even the reveal of the true nature of the sixers’ agenda. A lot happens in this 13 episode season, where ultimately in a avatar sort of twist (sorry couldn’t resist the comparison), turns out that….well “Control the past, you control the future”, the sixers were sent to take control of Terra Nova from Taylor and sent for their employers as they pillage the natural resources of the past to fill in the pockets of the rich b******* but instead they got a face full of Carnos and the enemy decided to run to the badlands, why that is the biggest question that needs to be answered because they found the prow of an 18th Century ship in that area. How it got there? Definitely not through Hope Plaza that’s for sure……Well let’s hope we get a season 2 for this question to be answered.

    Anyways moving on thoughts for the season and where it could have been a little better – So as far as season 1 is considered I loved the show, while it may bear a likeness to avatar but its fresh and its new and every episode was always interesting to watch. Although they could have worked the episodes a bit better because the dialogues needed a bit recheck and acting while subpar had definitely improved through the season. I have no qualms about the CGI….its not a million dollar buget film people, it a tv series and you can’t expect top level CGI dinosaurs all the time. The one thing that needs a bit of check was how the main plot was played, that was one part of it all that definitely needs serious thinking because you can’t drop a bombshell in the first episode and then wait till towards the end to work it out.

    All in all I was satisfied with the show and definitely would love and season 2 of the show.


    Glee: Till Now: Mid-season Finale

    My first post for this year and before I forget Happy New Year 2012 to all….Now I know this is a very late post, I should have already done with it when Glee went off for its mid-season hiatus returning this month, i.e., 17th January but my semester exams were going on and after they finished something or the other happened and I forgot all about it. But no worries I’m back and although I’m starting to lose interest in the show but I thought why not do it… here goes nothing(also be sure to remember it contains spoilers !)

    Now Let’s recap what we know so far – Last year New Directions went to Nationals but there you go they lost because of a kiss, maybe not so much but that kiss onstage while it was a contributing factor their losing can also be attributed to the fact that they had not been ready…come they had no song prepared till the landed in New York. And the way it was….i’d say Rachel was being a hypocrite because she had told Jesse that she wanted to focus on nationals but she and Finn were skirting around one another…..and kissing in front of Jesse….definitely bad in my opinion. Sorry I’m ranting but it was what made me start lose interest in the show.

    But moving on this season, its senior year for some of our fellow gleeks and they are all into doing all they can to get into their colleges of choice and end high school with a bang. Rachel and Kurt are now closer to one another, technically they want the same thing…but wait for it they get a big shock, in the form of Harmony. Both have been thinking they were one of a kind with their voices enough to get them to Broadway but there people out there who are as good as they are and have been working hard to achieve their dream of making it big on Broadway as well…a rude awakening but a good one for both Rachel and Kurt.

    Finn for a lack of better word is as clueless as ever. He has no idea what he wants to do after high school and definitely has no idea what he wants with life…and frankly speaking I have no idea what Rachel sees in him. Quinn has left New Directions and gone the outcast way, dying here hair getting a tattoo (of none other than Ryan Secreast) and smoking. Sam has left town after his dad gets a better job. Mercedes has a new boyfriend who looks like a giant truck. Lauren Zises has also left Glee because it was degrading her reputation meter.

    Shelby returns not because she wants to make peace with Rachel but because she has been offered a job at McKinley to start another Glee and the Trouble Tones are born (to show Sugar Motta….who is for lack of a term horrible at singing). With another Glee club we start to see a discord among the New Directions, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany leave to go to Trouble Tones because they felt over shadowed by Rachel.

    Did I forget to mention Blaine now goes to McKinley? Yup you heard right Kurt beau decided he better be together with him (Kurt) than away from him in Dalton. Santana comes clean that she bats for the other team (more like word leaked out about it). McKinley is also going to do a musical this year, West Side Story. After much drama Rachel is selected to play Maria, Blaine as Tony, Santana as Anita, and such….Also through in the mix a new character Sebastian (Dalton), who wants Blaine for himself..trouble for Kurt….nah Blaine has made it clear he wants Kurt. Oh Kurt was also running for senior class president but lost to Brittany in the end.

    If all this isn’t enough Puck is sleeping with Shelby now that is something I don’t want in my head. And Trouble Tones and New Directions go head to head in Sectionals but in the end New Directions win with a Jackson family medley. And we finally get another original song from the Christmas episode titled “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” by Rachel and Blaine. Also not to forget New Directions also get a new member in the form of Rory Flanagan (who is an exchange student) and what do you say Sam comes back to McKinley.

    Anyways moving on thoughts for all nine episodes and where it could have been a little better – So I don’t really have a high opinion of season 3 so far, while yes the songs are great and maybe the reason why we actually watch the show but one of the major reason Glee suffers is because its highly discontinuous….yup one episode we see one thing another it’s a new scenario, the directors need to rectify this problem besides the humor is good. And the only episode I like in this season so far are the Sectionals and the Christmas episode.

    I'm sure the trailer is satisfactory enough. Meet You guys on the 17th January.

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