Monday, January 2, 2012

Glee: Till Now: Mid-season Finale

My first post for this year and before I forget Happy New Year 2012 to all….Now I know this is a very late post, I should have already done with it when Glee went off for its mid-season hiatus returning this month, i.e., 17th January but my semester exams were going on and after they finished something or the other happened and I forgot all about it. But no worries I’m back and although I’m starting to lose interest in the show but I thought why not do it… here goes nothing(also be sure to remember it contains spoilers !)

Now Let’s recap what we know so far – Last year New Directions went to Nationals but there you go they lost because of a kiss, maybe not so much but that kiss onstage while it was a contributing factor their losing can also be attributed to the fact that they had not been ready…come they had no song prepared till the landed in New York. And the way it was….i’d say Rachel was being a hypocrite because she had told Jesse that she wanted to focus on nationals but she and Finn were skirting around one another…..and kissing in front of Jesse….definitely bad in my opinion. Sorry I’m ranting but it was what made me start lose interest in the show.

But moving on this season, its senior year for some of our fellow gleeks and they are all into doing all they can to get into their colleges of choice and end high school with a bang. Rachel and Kurt are now closer to one another, technically they want the same thing…but wait for it they get a big shock, in the form of Harmony. Both have been thinking they were one of a kind with their voices enough to get them to Broadway but there people out there who are as good as they are and have been working hard to achieve their dream of making it big on Broadway as well…a rude awakening but a good one for both Rachel and Kurt.

Finn for a lack of better word is as clueless as ever. He has no idea what he wants to do after high school and definitely has no idea what he wants with life…and frankly speaking I have no idea what Rachel sees in him. Quinn has left New Directions and gone the outcast way, dying here hair getting a tattoo (of none other than Ryan Secreast) and smoking. Sam has left town after his dad gets a better job. Mercedes has a new boyfriend who looks like a giant truck. Lauren Zises has also left Glee because it was degrading her reputation meter.

Shelby returns not because she wants to make peace with Rachel but because she has been offered a job at McKinley to start another Glee and the Trouble Tones are born (to show Sugar Motta….who is for lack of a term horrible at singing). With another Glee club we start to see a discord among the New Directions, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany leave to go to Trouble Tones because they felt over shadowed by Rachel.

Did I forget to mention Blaine now goes to McKinley? Yup you heard right Kurt beau decided he better be together with him (Kurt) than away from him in Dalton. Santana comes clean that she bats for the other team (more like word leaked out about it). McKinley is also going to do a musical this year, West Side Story. After much drama Rachel is selected to play Maria, Blaine as Tony, Santana as Anita, and such….Also through in the mix a new character Sebastian (Dalton), who wants Blaine for himself..trouble for Kurt….nah Blaine has made it clear he wants Kurt. Oh Kurt was also running for senior class president but lost to Brittany in the end.

If all this isn’t enough Puck is sleeping with Shelby now that is something I don’t want in my head. And Trouble Tones and New Directions go head to head in Sectionals but in the end New Directions win with a Jackson family medley. And we finally get another original song from the Christmas episode titled “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” by Rachel and Blaine. Also not to forget New Directions also get a new member in the form of Rory Flanagan (who is an exchange student) and what do you say Sam comes back to McKinley.

Anyways moving on thoughts for all nine episodes and where it could have been a little better – So I don’t really have a high opinion of season 3 so far, while yes the songs are great and maybe the reason why we actually watch the show but one of the major reason Glee suffers is because its highly discontinuous….yup one episode we see one thing another it’s a new scenario, the directors need to rectify this problem besides the humor is good. And the only episode I like in this season so far are the Sectionals and the Christmas episode.

I'm sure the trailer is satisfactory enough. Meet You guys on the 17th January.


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