Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a "MASQUERADE", a love parade, so won't you stay and dance with me!!!!

This week’s Masquerade was all about Katherine or better yet Stefan and Damon’s determination to kill her at the ball before she does something that result in a major fall-out. But you have to give it to them, only they could kill off two students, transform one character into a werewolf, and lock another inside a tomb.

In this week’s episode the gang tries to kill Katherine, a plan that only half-works and pushes the plot forward even more than in previous weeks. The Vampire Diaries isn’t a perfect show. It’s not even the best show on television right now, if we judge it by originality and characterization, but it’s probably the best paced and executed. There are no filler moments; everything is done for a reason.

Here we see the whole gang arming themselves up with all types of weapons and stakes necessary. Speaking of Katherine, she has a witchy friend in town. Katherine has brought her along so that, when she gets the moonstone back, her friend can break a curse. I wonder what curse that is. Speaking of Bonnie and Jeremy throwing flirty looks at each other, definitely did not see that one coming. Did any of you?

Side note: Did anyone else do a double take when they saw Jeremy in his suit and mask? Sorry to be so shallow, but the boy gets more gorgeous by the week!

Let not the Masked Ball wait any longer!

Katherine is there impersonating Elena. Bonnie gets vibes off of Katherine's witch friend, though she doesn't realize that they are in cahoots. Katherine doesn't take kindly to Stefan withholding the moonstone, and in order to show him how serious she is about wreaking havoc on the town, she paralyzes and then kills a girl in the middle of the party (Paralyzed from the waist down... and dead).

Caroline tricks Katherine into a room that Bonnie has spelled, in order to trap her so that Damon and Stefan can stake her. Which they do, only Katherine isn't the only one injured by the stake, Elena is too. Jeremy races to the room to try and stop the brothers from killing Katherine.

The stake misses Katherine's heart and a vampire fight ensues. Jeremy is able to stop the brothers just in time. Katherine informs them that she had her witch spell Elena and herself so that any 
damage she received, Elena would receive as well.

Bonnie finds Lucy (Katherine's witch) and gives her the moonstone. Lucy goes to Katherine and hands over the moonstone, only she is angry with Katherine for lying to her and spells it so that it renders Katherine helpless.

Tyler accidently kills a girl when she attempts to kill him, after Matt's attempt to do so fails. Tyler is now a werewolf.

Stefan goes to see Elena and tells her that Katherine is gone, only she still wants to take time and feel safe before getting back together.

Damon locks Katherine in the spellbound tomb, but not before telling him that Elena is in danger. He says he will protect her and then closes the tomb. The episode ends with Elena being kidnapped by a man in mask. Got to love a masquerade ball.

What am I to say Nina Dobrev stole the limelight for the episode be it as Elena or Katherine. I adore her as Katherine and her mini-breakdown upon being locked in the tomb, screaming, "You need me!" was fantastic. It's nice to see her really flex her acting chops and show a real range of emotion. I enjoy Elena, but Katherine's emotions have more range and, for me, that's exciting to watch.

It was also great to see more of Bonnie. I feel like her character has been put on the back burner in the last few episodes, so it was nice to see her stand front and center in a few scenes. Katerina Graham is a great actress and it was great watching her interact with the newcomer Lucy (Natashia Williams). Though Williams was only okay, in my opinion.

On a side note, I think I see a bit of a Jeremy/Bonnie romance coming up in the future. Not really sure how I feel about that, though I must admit that Jeremy has been growing on me these last few weeks. Perhaps if writers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec do it right, it will be tolerable.

I felt bad for Tyler tonight. He's not my favorite character of the bunch, but killing someone in defense and therefore becoming a werewolf has got to be rough. I'm interested to see how he handles it all.

And what about Elena reasons not to get back him Stefan at the end? “How am I going to feel if one of you gets hurt because of me?” Jeez, could Elena be anymore self obsessed? Aside from everything else, Katherine wants the moonstone. There’s at least ONE thing that doesn’t link back to Elena, and yet she’s still just thinking about how she factors into everything. Sweetie, when your little brother is more mature than you it’s time to start worrying. I really want to like Elena, but she sounds more like a bratty school kid every week. The only bit of maturity we really saw from her was at the end, when she decided to wait before getting back together with Stefan.

This episode certainly answers a few question but raises a lot more.

  • ·         Why does Katherine want to break the werewolf curse? Will we ever find out?
  • ·         It wasn't just me getting a romantic vibe from Bonnie and Jeremy, right?
  • ·         Seriously, being a student in Mystic Falls is more dangerous than being a porn star in a hotel room with Charlie Sheen.
  • ·         Note to Stefan and Damon: when aiming to kill a vampire, perhaps you should not leave the man who was introduced to us as a vampire hunter at home. The brothers could have used you on the scene, Alaric.
  • ·         Why does Elena need protecting and from whom?

Next week we have, the episode Rose.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I saw ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' on Sunday, and I have to say it's worth the $10 ticket, but not much else.  Without giving away spoilers, Oliver Stone takes too many creative liberties with the 2008 financial crisis and combines banks that had me asking which bank was to supposed to represent which bank, even though I already knew the story. 
The movie starts with Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) being release from prison in 2001, with no one to meet him, and then bam, it's 2008. We see Gekko's old mobile phone, which drew a few laughs from the crowd and was a nice subtle touch to the original.  We have Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf) working as a trader at a firm suspiciously a lot like Lehman Bros., but this is where the movie fails.  Was it Lehman or was it Bear Stearns? The story line for the firm touches both failed investment banks, and isn't clear about the ultimate fate of the bank. That story is never really resolved. 
Josh Brolin is excellent as Bretton James, a combination of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, which is apropos, since Churchill Schwartz is a combination of J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  Winnie (Carey Mulligan) is Jake's girlfriend, and the daughter of Gordon Gekko, who is miscast as a crusading Internet journalist, since all she does is cry throughout the movie.  There are some fun cameos, most notably Charlie Sheen (Bud Fox in the original), and Wall Street personalities like Jim Cramer, Maria Bartiromo, and Jim Chanos. 
Unfortunately, that's where the fun ends. LaBeouf's Moore is unbelievable, in that he would walk away from a job at Goldman, er Churchill, over his morals. If you're handed the keys to the lottery box, you don't just throw them away.  Douglas continues to remain the best part of the movie, with his cunning remarks, one liners, and ruthlessness that made the Gekko character famous. He ultimately gets redemption in the end, and again, that is where Stone fails.  It felt very rushed at the end, being thrown at us, with everything wrapping up into a neat little package. Gekko bought something most of us know not to be buyable, and despite his “Greed… is good” mantra, this is one Gekko characteristic no one will love and admire. 
It's the worth the $10 or so to go see it in the theaters, but this one doesn't have much in the way of staying power. 
I'm going long Gekko, but short Money Never Sleeps. 


The Rocky Horror Glee Show

I have a confession: before it was announced that Glee was doing a tribute episode of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I simply had no clue at what it was all about until I saw it a week prior to The Rocky Horror Glee Show is aired on Fox and I would like to say that it proved to be very beneficial for me to relate to the three decades old movie.

That said and done, I loved this episode.


Because it incorporated fun songs into already established storylines and gave them a new look. And what was the best part of the deal; it was more of a Rocky Horror tribute than a remake, as Glee put its own spin on the musical. Even though they sanitized it a bit, “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” was still quite risqué (All those abs! The gold shorts! Will and Emma!).

The relationship between Will and Emma hasn't been featured much this season, but that changed this week, as the inspiration behind honoring Rocky Horror felt organic, like a natural (albeit moronic and self-centered) decision Will would make in the face of losing Emma to Carl.

Unlike the Britney-based trainwreck of a few weeks ago, nothing about this episode felt forced. Which is an impressive feat to pull off, considering how random it may have seemed to some viewers that every song was from a film that came out over three decades ago.

Neither Brad (Finn) nor Janet (Rachel) ended up in bed with Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but there was still a whole lot of sexiness going on. Between Sam, Mr. Schue, and Finn the abs were out of control tonight. And how hot was Will and Emma’s “Toucha Toucha Touch Me?” I love those two together, but it looks like Dr. Carl is here to stay for the time being. I can live with that because Dr. Carl seems good for Emma and John Stamos is a wonderful addition to Glee. I’ve been looking forward to hearing him sing on the show, and he didn’t disappoint—his version of “Hot Patootie” (or as iTunes calls it “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?”) was fantastic.

One of the biggest changes Glee made was having Mercedes play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the role Tim Curry played in the 1975 movie. They played down the transvestite aspect of the role, and changed the lyrics in “Sweet Transvestite” to “Sin-sational, Transylvania,” rather than “Transsexual, Transylvania.” It was really different to see Mercedes play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but ultimately I enjoyed her take on it.

Original Rocky Horror actors Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf made cameos as mangers of the local TV station.

The casting was great—Kurt as Riff Raff was brilliant and Finn and Rachel were ridiculously cute as Brad and Janet.

Puck has been noticeably absent these past two episodes. But not to worry he returns in Never Been Kissed.

Sue’s Corner is back and it looks like she has set her eyes on a local Grammy.

Overall, I thought “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” was a fun episode. The way they worked it into the plot made sense to me, and it didn’t feel as forced as some of the other theme episodes. Even though Will was acting kind of stupid, it seemed believable that his feelings for Emma would cloud his judgment. I also really enjoyed the music, with “Time Warp” and “Hot Patootie” being my favorite performances.


Letters to Juliet

Know that Letters to Juliet is a soppy melodrama, which I don’t mind in the least. Although the ending is preordained and pretty obvious since the start, it’s quite touching in the very least.

In it we meet young Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), a fact checker who is vacationing in Verona, Italy on a sort of “pre-honeymoon” with her fiancé, Victor (Gael García Bernal).  He’s is a passionate chef more interested in the local cuisine than in Sophie and leaves her to roam the city while he is off traipsing the countryside in search of the perfect truffle.

While wandering, Sophie stumbles upon the supposed home of Juliet Capulet (this is where it gets all sappy) and finds a herd of lovelorn women pining away beneath the famous Shakespearean balcony where Romeo first called up to his true love.  The custom is to leave a note on the wall asking Juliet for advice (do these damsels even know how the Romeo and Juliet ended) and Sophie is moved to find a group of local women who have made it their duty to collect the letters and answer each of them.

Sophie decides to help them and, while gathering the letters, finds one behind a rock that is dated more than fifty years ago.  Sophie answers the letter and Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), the woman who had left the note hidden there all those years ago, soon returns to Italy to seek for her lost love, the elusive Lorenzo.  Along their journey through the luscious hills of Tuscany, Sophie begins to fall for Claire’s abrasive grandson, Charlie (Christopher Egan), and begins to wonder if destiny has played a role in her finding true happiness as well.
And I’m sure you all know that whole “Men Are from Mars, Women are From Venus” thing? That’s Letters to Juliet. It has nothing to do with the difference between men and women in terms of plotting or story, but how it will split the opposing sexes right down the middle.

Women will see this as an endearing love story, showing there is no doubt true love will always be found despite time, distance, and place. It’s meant to be, and it will happen, but you have to go for it.
On the other hand, a male will be on the opposing side. They see an engaged woman named Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) taking a trip to Italy with her fiance Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal), a sort of pre-honeymoon/business trip to help him find suppliers for his new restaurant. This woman is completely uninterested in his hard work opening a new restaurant in the middle of New York, goes off on her own, starts kissing another guy, and breaks off the whole marriage.

There is plenty of beauty in Letters to Juliet.  Seyfried, looking at times like a young Goldie Hawn, is likable and lovely.  The film was shot almost entirely on location, and the gorgeous Italian cities and stunning countryside create a perfect backdrop that sets the mood for this romance.  Bernal is hilarious as Sophie’s pre-occupied fiancé and portrays Victor’s passion for food and wine with a turbo-charged zeal.
However, the soul of the film is Redgrave who plays Claire with innocence and dignity that makes this story a tad better than the archetypical samples of the genre.  You instantly begin to feel a certain pull for her and want nothing more than for her to find her Lorenzo.  It is invigorating to see a romance movie that doesn’t merely involve perfect-looking twenty-somethings falling in love or dealing with the tragedies that author Nicholas Sparks has made the standard with forced films like Dear John (also starring Seyfried) and The Last Song.

But there are some trappings that the film can’t overcome.  The love story involving Sophie and Charlie is two-dimensional and there are a few too many “happy coincidences” (double quotes there) in what is simply lazy storytelling.  The film becomes predictable and the end drags and sputters a little, but by the time the credits roll you get what you came for.

When it comes to getting that warmth, Letters to Juliet delivers.
Cheesy, I know, deal with it.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mother of all cult movies

Frankly speaking I didn't know anything about or that this movie even existed before seeing that Glee was doing a tribute episode for the 'cult-movie' and perhaps no other film defines 'cult movie' as well as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". With perpetual midnight showings and a dedicated fan base, this movie still taps into a segment of society largely ignored by mainstream filmmakers. 

Movies become classics, tremendous hits or legends based on the star power contained in the movie or better yet groundbreaking effects or controversial themes but perhaps no other film embodies the concept of a cult film as much as Rocky Horror does. A good cult film should be unique in its genre, a rarity among its own peers. Certainly there had never been a rock musical spoof of the horror film genre before RHPS, and there hasn't been anything like it since. A good cult movie should also have a strong following among discriminating fans. More than anything, a good cult movie should have an impact on its audience that goes beyond the literal storyline. With its unorthodox examination of human sexuality and the underlying tones of sexual exploration, Rocky Horror did indeed impact a segment of society which had previously been kept in the closet.

When the film was first released in 1975 it was ignored by pretty much everyone, including the future fanatics who would eventually count the hundreds of times they'd seen it. "Rocky Horror" opened, closed, and would have been forgotten had it not been for the inspiration of a low-level 20th Century-Fox executive who talked his superiors into testing it as a midnight cult movie.

But just what is this all about anyway?

In the late 60s and early 70s, a brilliant but eccentric young British songwriter named Richard O'Brien was working in the fringes of the musical world. O'Brien was a troubled man, trying to reconcile his own sexual and social confusions with the realities of a conservative society. Inspired by a childhood fascination with Grade Z horror movies, O'Brien created a Science Fiction rock musical intended to spoof the often cheesy horror films. Originally titled 'It came from Denton High', the stage play was performed in a small, grungy theatre in London. Among the early performers was a flamboyant actor/singer named Tim Curry, whose performance as the anti-hero Dr. Frank-n-Furter soon became legendary. As the production became more polished, the title was changed to the Rocky Horror Show.

When the play became a surprise hit, Curry and several other cast members were invited to stage a new production in Los Angeles. Sitting in the audience was an ambitious studio executive, Lou Adler, who had already had several successes both in the music business and filmmaking. Impressed with Tim Curry's bravura performance and O'Brien's musical score, negotiations began in earnest for a film version of the play. Thus, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was born. Tim Curry would reprise his role as Dr. Frank-n-Furter, and many of the original London castmembers were also cast in the film, including O'Brien himself as the duplicitous servant Riff Raff. Two relatively unknown American actors, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon, were cast as the naive All-American couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss. 

Queen of all cult movies

The plot of the film itself is fairly quite straightforward, even if the execution of said plot can be a bit convoluted. A young, naïve and a bit slow couple, Brad and Janet, decide to visit the professor who introduced them. After their car breaks down on a deserted backroad, they decide to call for help from a castle that appears from nowhere. The castle turns out to be a front for aliens, lead by a lascivious and volatile alien scientist named Frank-n-Furter. Frank has been working on a Frankensteinish experiment to create the perfect man, Rocky Horror. Brad and Janet's sudden and uninvited appearance creates a problem for Frank and his assistants, Magenta and Riff Raff. Fearing exposure, Frank keeps Brad and Janet in the castle, and eagerly seduces both of them into silence. The plan almost works, until the professor, Dr. Scott, stumbles upon the castle himself, in search of his missing cousin, Eddy played by Meatloaf. Eddy had been captured by the aliens earlier, and was now dead. Sensing that his days are numbered, Frank quickly assembles his captives for a final musical production number, but is sabotaged by his duplicitous assistants, Magenta and Riff Raff, who promptly dispose of Frank and return the castle to their home planet, leaving some confused earthlings in their wake.

The appeal of here lies more in the messages than in the medium itself. On the surface, Rocky Horror is a mediocerish movie with some great musical moments and some atrocious dialogue. Beneath this cheap exterior, however, is an honest attempt to deal with some important social and sexual issues. The openness by which many of the Rocky characters live their lives has had quite an impact on some socially confused young people. Few movies before Rocky Horror had explored the underlying issues facing homosexuals in a rigid society. Tim Curry's 'Frank' may have been portrayed as evil, but some fans could associate with his self-assurance and courage to live his life without bending to society's rules. In that sense, the movie does send out a clear message of tolerance for those who choose a different form of sexual expression.

At last I only have an advice To those who haven't seen Rocky Horror, don't bother reading reviews about it. It won't mean anything. Don't rent it on DVD which it recently came out on. It also won't mean anything, because it's missing the thing that gave it and the stage play that preceded it life... the audience. By definition, a cult film is meant to be seen by a group. Preferably, a large one.
  So for a cult movie I’ll give it a 10/10.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Devious "Plan B"

Here it is people Vampire Diaries episode 6 - A perfect combination of ingredients to make one smokin' & kinking episode. We've got everything from scheming, brooding, to love makin’ and love breakin’. A truly perfect combo.

We also saw the return of a certain Salvatore brother’s meaner side in one wince-worthy scene with a certain Lockwood.

Oh right, that’s something else we got, too.

A little death.

Now, that is OMG, I’m all for a little death and destruction in a TV show, especially one with a supernatural aura, it’s what keeps things interesting, keeps you coming back for another bite (pun completely intended) but I couldn’t help but truly feel for Mason Lockwood tonight and not only because he literally had his heart torn out but simply for the fact that he was a man being played and, I suspect, knew it, too.

But he was willingly being so for, what else, but love.

Love is another big plot driver on TVD, with a capital ‘L’ and a few of those fluffy hearts with wings fluttering around it. Tonight’s episode also gave us a good dose of it in various forms. We had Sheriff Forbes (remember last episode when she told Damon to keep Caroline away from her and was left in the Salvatore basement to de-vermainify. Yup i made up a word) and Caroline finally connecting on a mother daughter level and Caroline displaying some of the depth she once lamented to Matt that she wanted to possess.

We had the absolutely heart-tearing (your hands, our hearts, Julie and Kevin) break up between Stefan and Elena who finally came to the realization that to keep the ones they cared for safe, and each other, their only option was what Katherine demanded to begin with – their separation.

I have to pause here to note that when Paul Wesley delivers, he really DELIVERS and he does it good.

We also had the lesser observed but no less touching displays of it between Bonnie and Caroline, Jenna and Alaric and, much to my pleasure, between Elena and Jeremy who seem to have strengthened their bond tenfold since the events of the season finale.

So, what really happened in the episode.

We open with a scene split between Elena and Stefan in bed, and Katherine and Hot Uncle Lockwood in bed. Not the same bed, natch. There’s a lot of getting hot and heavy, making promises, and ‘you don’t trust me’s, the last of which, of course, are between Katherine and Hot Uncle, because Elena and Stefan trust each other implicitly.

There’s yet another community building event this week, when everyone descends to help paint the Lockwood house. Yes, another one. Stefan tells Jenna that he and Elena are taking a break. “That’s not what it sounded like to me,” she muses. Insert foreboding music here.

Bonnie talks to Elena about their friendship. I tuned out during this scene. Bonnie keeps getting holier than thou where vampires are involved, but she’s a witch. A witch. Not even a Wiccan witch, but a magical mystical mojo witch. Don’t throw stones when you’re standing on thin ice. Or something.
Jeremy goes to see Damon and tells him that he can get the moonstone from Tyler. He tries, and the brother’s Salvatore learn that Tyler’s given it to Hot Uncle. When Bonnie brushes Hot Uncle later on and sees a vision of him and Elena together, Stefan realises that it’s Katherine – and it’s her who wants the moonstone. But the one question that had been bugging us for like eternity "WHY?"
Bonnie takes down Hot Uncle with her mind powers. She and Damon bring him back to Le Casa Salvatore where Bonnie gets an impression of the moonstone being at a well. She sees Caroline and takes her along, texting Stefan on the way.
Jeremy’s been looking through a box of stuff Isobel’s assistant sent over and he’s found wolfsbane (its getting mythologicious every minute.Yes i invented this word as well), which is like vervain for werewolves. Damon uses some to torture Hot Uncle, and not getting any more information from him, decides to kill him. Jeremy tries to stop him, but Damon threatens him and makes him leave. FYI, the threat didn’t seem that scary. It’s easy to see he has a soft spot for Jeremy.
Damon turns his attentions to Hot Uncle. “You know I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.” “I love her,” Hot Uncle counters and Damon seems alternately bemused and sympathetic. “Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her.” And then he does. RIP Hot Uncle Lockwood.
Meanwhile, Stefan goes to the well, Elena tagging along. He jumps in to look for the moonstone, but holy waka-moly vervain, and pardon the slang Fuck lots of the stuff, floating in the water and burning Stefan’s skin off. Caroline hears Elena’s shouts and rushes over, helping lower her into the well. Bonnie catches up, and they get Stefan out, but Elena stays behind to look for the moonstone. She finds it, but not before almost being bitten by snakes.
Stefan goes home and finds Damon wrapping up Hot Uncle’s body in a tarp. Then Damon, to Stefan’s annoyance, calls the last number on Hot Uncle’s phone. Katherine’s number. She’s surprised, but that turns to anger when she learns of Hot Uncle’s fate. “You’ve no idea what you’ve just done… Do you honestly believe I don’t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C,” she continues on while Damon’s smile fades away. Katherine sure prepares well.
Back at the La Casa Gilbert, Alaric and Jenna are preparing dinner and being all lovey-dovey. I’ve decided that no one should ever be allowed into the Gilbert house because it’s obviously built from the remains of the Love Boat. Elena gets home, the phone rings, and Jenna hands it to her silently. It’s Katherine. Jenna is under her compelled control. Remember earlier Jenna heard Elena and Stefan together? Yeah, Jenna told Katherine. Oops-a-daisie.
While Katherine talks, Jenna stabs herself in the stomach. She’s rushed to hospital and she’ll survive, but Jeremy is beyond pissed. Elena just sees it as proof that Katherine will never leave her and Stefan alone, and she breaks up with him in a scene that was genuinely heartbreaking. I don’t even like Elena/Stefan and I felt a little teary. As she leaves, Damon tells her that he riled up Katherine and that he “wasn’t thinking, I didn’tthink.” She’s not even angry at him this time. Damon, however, looks broken.
Just to finish us off completely, we close on Katherine speaking to a man in her room and as details come clear we realize she’s compelling none other than Matt, informing him that her plans have taken a detour and she now needs a new werewolf, she directs Tyler’s best friend to go after him until he forces his hand into a killing blow and leaving our nerves frayed.
Interseting wasn't it? 
Waiting two weeks for this episode felt like years.
The next is going to be much worse in the waiting category, well here's goes nothing......
A trailer for the much-much-much-much awaited "Masquerade"......its a masquerade, a love parade, so won't you stay and dance with me? 


Friday, October 22, 2010

The CW To Adapt L.J. Smith Series Secret Circle

So I don't own this series, and I haven’t read it yet.
Have any of you?
Did you like?
Think it would make a good TV Show?
Here is some Info :
And as if that weren’t enough to excite the geeky masses, one of the potential shows is based on a book series from L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries.
Craft and Fain (both alums of Angel and Dollhouse) are adapting Smith’s three-book Secret Circle series for a one-hour drama about a California teen who moves to her mom’s hometown of New Salem and discovers that, just like Christine O’Donnell, she is a witch. Alloy Entertainment, the prolific production company behind CW anchors TVD and Gossip Girl, is putting together Secret Circle for the CW.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

You are never too old too watch Barbie strut her stuff!!!!!

I know its a wee-bit late for me to write this since this movie was released on 14th September (coincidently on my mom's birthday), but here goes nothing.Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale is the third film since The Barbie Diaries where Barbie plays herself throughout the entire film and she goes on her own adventure; it also co-stars other dolls from the Barbie line-up. Join Barbie in a colourful, modern-day fairytale filled with fashion, friends and fun! 

Barbie is yet again here but this time not as a fairytale princess but as a modern Hollywood actress with a great fashion-sense(slick!). The plot goes like this - Barbie was on a shoot in Hollywood for her upcoming movie "The Princess and the Pea"(seems like the directors can't seem to take the fairytale out of it anytime soon not that i mind), when the director fires her for expressing her opinion of them using zombie peas instead of actual ones 'cause the it seems the zombie are a hit with the audience. Then to make matters worse she talks with Ken on her over-sized what looked like and iPhone, who suddenly breaks up with her. Feeling disappointed, Barbie and her dog Sequin travel to Paris to visit her aunt Millicent, but when they arrive, they discover that Millicent's fashion house is to be shut down for good since people don't seem to like Aunt Milicent's designs anymore. After she discovers three enchanting Flairies with sparkle magic powers, Barbie comes up with an idea to save the business. She even inspires Marie-Alecia, a shy fashion designer and together, they create a dazzling runway fashion show.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 10 movies on the 2011 waiting list

Vampires, werewolves, superheroes, pirates, aliens, the final chapter in the saga of everyone’s favorite boy wizard… and, oh, so much more! The 2011 box office forecast is booming with potential blockbusters.

Let's start from the back shall we:

#10 – “Super 8”
Starring: Elle Fanning, Kyle ChandlerDirected by: J.J. AbramsRelease date: Summer 2011
Why such excitement: A new sci-fi thriller from J.J. Abrams! Need we really say more i don't think so? OK, i’ll give you just a little bit. Written and directed by Abrams, the film follows a group of teens in the 1970s who capture footage of aliens in Area 51 while shooting on their – wait for it – Super 8 camera. And here you thought the film was about those low budget motels of the same name. The Air Force, the government and other various ominous suit-wearing types begin pursuit. Drama, explosions, suspense – and maybe even aliens – follow. Yes, please definitely on the list.

#9 – “Captain America”
Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo WeavingDirected by: Joe JohnstonRelease date: July 22, 2011
Why such excitementFor what will be Marvel’s final superhero installment leading up to 2012’s “The Avengers,” Chris Evans will don the stars and stripes as Steve Rogers/aka Captain America as he suits up for battle against the forces of evil in the WWII era-timed piece. Hugo Weaving (who, by the way, is it just my opinion, or was this guy born to play a movie villain?!?although a slight contradiction here; he played a positive role in LOTR) steps in as Nazi baddie Johann Schmidt/aka Red Skull, commander of HYDRA. While Evans previously joked to Access he’d be “the worst thing that ever happened to Marvel,” we have a feeling the man who once played the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch will do the red, white and blue proud.

                                                                  #8 – “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”
Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey RushDirected by: Rob MarshallRelease date: May 20, 2011
Why such excitement: Captain Jack is back (what more do you need?)– this time, with some new faces. Out are Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. In are Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane. There’s an argument to be made that if you’ve seen one “Pirates” film, you’ve seen them all. But with a combined gross of more than $2.6 billion at the worldwide box office, the Bruckheimer/Disney team is doing something right. 

#7 – The Fourth “Mission: Impossible”
Starring: Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Josh HollowayDirected by: Brad BirdRelease date: December 16, 2011
Why such excitementThere’s an argument to be made that if you’ve seen one “Mission: Impossible” film… Wait, that’s already been used. Cruise is back as super-spy Ethan Hunt, and while many of the same faces return, joining the fray are newbies Jeremy Renner, Josh Holloway and Paula Patton, and according to some recent information Anil Kapoor of Slumdog Millionaire fame all of whom should inject some exciting new blood into the latest chapter. Brad Bird makes his directorial debut, which means J.J. Abrams is out as director, but sticks around as a producer/writer. Truth be told, if J.J. wasn’t still involved, the clock may have run out on this box office “Mission.” But when it comes down to it, say what you will about Cruise, the man makes one heck of a movie.

#6 – “Green Lantern”
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter SarsgaardDirected by: Martin CampbellRelease date: June 17, 2011
Why such excitement: Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. Ryan Reynolds isn’t so bad either. Throw in a fanboy classic superhero tale and with these two beyond good lookin’ folks as the leads, look for the box office to definitely go “Green” in Summer 2011. Plus, who doesn’t love to say “Saaaaaaaaarsgaaaaaaard”?! Exactly.

#5 – “Thor”
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman
Directed by: Kenneth BranaghRelease date: May 6, 2011
Why such excitement: Yet another prequel cog in Marvel’s mighty “The Avengers” machine, easy-on-the-eyes Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth steps into the iconic Norse mythological title character comic book role. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the film will follow Thor as he is cast down to earth for being an arrogant fighter, only to find himself battling the dark forces of Asgard and becoming a hero to the humans. Throw in the lovely Natalie Portman as Thor’s lady love Jane Foster, Anthony Hopkins as daddy Odin — oh, and did we mention Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir? What can we say, we’re a sucker for a good power tool!

#4 – “The Hangover 2”
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin BarthaDirected by: Todd PhillipsRelease Date: May 26, 2011
Why such excitement: Details are being kept under wraps for the sequel to the side-splitting original — which has forever put to shame every groom-to-be’s bachelor party past, present and future – but as long as those four funny guys are sticking around, so are we! And hey, if they want to bring back Mike Tyson too for another musical interlude, we’re not complaining. Call it comedic masochism if you will, but we’re ready to feel the burn of another “Hangover”!

#3 – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
Starring: Rooney Mara, Daniel Crag, Christopher PlummerDirected by: David FincherRelease date: December 21, 2011
Why such excitementCall it faith i saw the novel of this movie yesterday at a bookshop while browsing though the fiction section for a good novel for a college assignment. Well rising star Rooney Mara has scored one of the most talked-about roles in recent memory, nabbing the part of edgy hacker Lisbeth Salander in the U.S. big screen adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s literary set, The Millennium Trilogy. There has already been a Swedish film version of the trilogy. And, watch out soon for the announcement of a fourth book in the series. In the story, Mara and Daniel Craig (who will bring Mikael Blomkvist to life for American audiences) cross paths as they search for the missing niece of an ailing industrial tycoon. As the first installment in the series, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” sets the table for the drama and suspense to come throughout the much-buzzed about trilogy, the latter two parts of which will be rolled out in 2012.

#2 – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I”
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor LautnerDirected by: Bill CondonRelease date: November 18, 2011
Why such excitement: Why aren’t we excited is the better question. What better way to kick off the beginning of the end of “The Twilight Saga” then with a little vampire-human wedding & honeymoon action! Plus, we all know what happens on the honeymoon, right???… Room service! No? Hmm. OK, how ‘bout this — “There will be sex scenes – multiple sex scenes,” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg previously told Access Hollywood of the romance we’ll see between Edward and Bella. Hey now! Summit has yet to announce exactly where the “Breaking Dawn” storyline will be split, but Part I will begin to put the bow on this pop culture-transcending saga, which has turned vampires and werewolves from cheap Halloween decorations to every kid’s favorite supernatural bestie. Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob or even Team Whatever Happened To That Nice Rachelle LeFevere, grab your lawn chairs and get in line – there’s only 14 months until opening night – knowing the “Twi-Hards,” the good seats are probably already taken!

#1 – “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part II”
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes, Bill NighyDirected by: David YatesRelease date: July 15, 2011
Why such excitement: It takes quite a monumental occasion to bump anything “Twilight” from the top of any of our lists, but the final film in the saga of boy wizard Harry Potter is exactly that. With a $5.4 billion haul in its run at the box office (the highest grossing film series of all-time), the Harry Potter films have spanned an entire decade, capturing the imagination of pre-teen boys who can now legally buy booze and little girls who are already old enough to vote in the next election. Even the films’ stars themselves have gone from teenyboppers to twenty-somethings. A pretty impressive run to say the least. Once again, a story which has been cut into two parts – allowing for more excitement and, of course, more cash at the box office, the final chapter of “Deathly Hallows” sees our spellbinding wand-slingers engage in one last battle with the evil Lord Voldemort before Hogwarts’ prized pupils say goodbye to their beloved boarding school as students one last time – at least, those of them that make it through the “Deathly Hallows” alive.

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