Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some Glee Season 2 spoiler!

I'm sure you all are still on the weeping stage after a heavily emotional "Grilled Chessus", so dry it out and i have some new hints to share that were recently revealed by Ryan Murphy.

Here goes nothing.......

Jonathan Groff (yes!yes! make a noise people) is about to start in the back "9" Episodes of season 2 somewhere after January 2011. According to Mr. Murphy he won't be available till the above mentioned date, as told to E! news (Good enough for me and for you all as well i hope. 

Here are a few other tidbits and spoilers Murphy shared:

On the post-Super Bowl episode: I feel like everyone's already talking about Michael Jackson or Springsteen or Prince, but I want to do something that no one would suspect. Just some random person, I don't know. I have a couple feelers out to several artists, all of whom have said yes - which I never expected, so now I have to choose.

Was Matthew Morrison really gonna shave his head for the Britney episode? That was never seriously going to happen, it was just an idea. It was discussed as one of many things to do because she's had many pop culture events, but it was quickly discarded. None of us really felt it was appropriate.

What's ahead for Finn and Rachel (they definitely need to break up, zero chemistry there)? There is trouble ahead when Rachel plays spin the bottle! 

Its getting more and more interesting by every episode. What do you all say?

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