Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a "MASQUERADE", a love parade, so won't you stay and dance with me!!!!

This week’s Masquerade was all about Katherine or better yet Stefan and Damon’s determination to kill her at the ball before she does something that result in a major fall-out. But you have to give it to them, only they could kill off two students, transform one character into a werewolf, and lock another inside a tomb.

In this week’s episode the gang tries to kill Katherine, a plan that only half-works and pushes the plot forward even more than in previous weeks. The Vampire Diaries isn’t a perfect show. It’s not even the best show on television right now, if we judge it by originality and characterization, but it’s probably the best paced and executed. There are no filler moments; everything is done for a reason.

Here we see the whole gang arming themselves up with all types of weapons and stakes necessary. Speaking of Katherine, she has a witchy friend in town. Katherine has brought her along so that, when she gets the moonstone back, her friend can break a curse. I wonder what curse that is. Speaking of Bonnie and Jeremy throwing flirty looks at each other, definitely did not see that one coming. Did any of you?

Side note: Did anyone else do a double take when they saw Jeremy in his suit and mask? Sorry to be so shallow, but the boy gets more gorgeous by the week!

Let not the Masked Ball wait any longer!

Katherine is there impersonating Elena. Bonnie gets vibes off of Katherine's witch friend, though she doesn't realize that they are in cahoots. Katherine doesn't take kindly to Stefan withholding the moonstone, and in order to show him how serious she is about wreaking havoc on the town, she paralyzes and then kills a girl in the middle of the party (Paralyzed from the waist down... and dead).

Caroline tricks Katherine into a room that Bonnie has spelled, in order to trap her so that Damon and Stefan can stake her. Which they do, only Katherine isn't the only one injured by the stake, Elena is too. Jeremy races to the room to try and stop the brothers from killing Katherine.

The stake misses Katherine's heart and a vampire fight ensues. Jeremy is able to stop the brothers just in time. Katherine informs them that she had her witch spell Elena and herself so that any 
damage she received, Elena would receive as well.

Bonnie finds Lucy (Katherine's witch) and gives her the moonstone. Lucy goes to Katherine and hands over the moonstone, only she is angry with Katherine for lying to her and spells it so that it renders Katherine helpless.

Tyler accidently kills a girl when she attempts to kill him, after Matt's attempt to do so fails. Tyler is now a werewolf.

Stefan goes to see Elena and tells her that Katherine is gone, only she still wants to take time and feel safe before getting back together.

Damon locks Katherine in the spellbound tomb, but not before telling him that Elena is in danger. He says he will protect her and then closes the tomb. The episode ends with Elena being kidnapped by a man in mask. Got to love a masquerade ball.

What am I to say Nina Dobrev stole the limelight for the episode be it as Elena or Katherine. I adore her as Katherine and her mini-breakdown upon being locked in the tomb, screaming, "You need me!" was fantastic. It's nice to see her really flex her acting chops and show a real range of emotion. I enjoy Elena, but Katherine's emotions have more range and, for me, that's exciting to watch.

It was also great to see more of Bonnie. I feel like her character has been put on the back burner in the last few episodes, so it was nice to see her stand front and center in a few scenes. Katerina Graham is a great actress and it was great watching her interact with the newcomer Lucy (Natashia Williams). Though Williams was only okay, in my opinion.

On a side note, I think I see a bit of a Jeremy/Bonnie romance coming up in the future. Not really sure how I feel about that, though I must admit that Jeremy has been growing on me these last few weeks. Perhaps if writers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec do it right, it will be tolerable.

I felt bad for Tyler tonight. He's not my favorite character of the bunch, but killing someone in defense and therefore becoming a werewolf has got to be rough. I'm interested to see how he handles it all.

And what about Elena reasons not to get back him Stefan at the end? “How am I going to feel if one of you gets hurt because of me?” Jeez, could Elena be anymore self obsessed? Aside from everything else, Katherine wants the moonstone. There’s at least ONE thing that doesn’t link back to Elena, and yet she’s still just thinking about how she factors into everything. Sweetie, when your little brother is more mature than you it’s time to start worrying. I really want to like Elena, but she sounds more like a bratty school kid every week. The only bit of maturity we really saw from her was at the end, when she decided to wait before getting back together with Stefan.

This episode certainly answers a few question but raises a lot more.

  • ·         Why does Katherine want to break the werewolf curse? Will we ever find out?
  • ·         It wasn't just me getting a romantic vibe from Bonnie and Jeremy, right?
  • ·         Seriously, being a student in Mystic Falls is more dangerous than being a porn star in a hotel room with Charlie Sheen.
  • ·         Note to Stefan and Damon: when aiming to kill a vampire, perhaps you should not leave the man who was introduced to us as a vampire hunter at home. The brothers could have used you on the scene, Alaric.
  • ·         Why does Elena need protecting and from whom?

Next week we have, the episode Rose.


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