Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Secret Circle - Season 1 wrap up

A circle of witches, drama, daddy issues, dark magic and what not...The Secret Circle started as an ambitious project for the Vampire Diaries big hocho Kevin Williamson, both works of author L.J.Smith. Now while The Vampire Diaries has found its firm footing with its audience and the television networks - sadly something went missing with the Secret Circle.

Lets recap what we know so far - Cassie has embraced her dark side, Jake is back and the witch hunters are resilient than ever...add to the mix daddy Blackwell who is back from the dead after so long. He says he just wants to reconnect with his daughter and be in her life but something fishy is going on. He makes them believe that Adam and Cassie can't be together (the only good thing he did mind you! I still think Jake and Cassie are better suited together) and wants to reunite the six crystals that had been divided among the six witch families of Chance Harbor. Around this is when the slithery snake demons make a re-entry (gross!) the witch hunter Eben gets those uber-gross things in him to get some control over the circle and destroy them just like the did when their parents in the boatyard fire 16 years ago. 

The naive circle with nothing better to do follow all of what Blackwell tells them to do, i.e., get all the crystals, form back the crystal object of great power (dark magic to be precise)...which will them destroy the witch hunters. Oh and did I forget to mention that Nick is still alive...he was the traitor witch who lent their power to Eben who in turn had used it to gain access to those demons. Back to the circle - they get all the crystals, form the skull back, which in turn unbinds the circle and they get their individual powers back. Oh also Diana is the other Blackwell girl (pretty shocking huh!). 

The final showdown, Faye needs to be saved from the witch hunters, the parents come clean and reshuffle their priorities to the one which has got "save the children" rather than "get our powers back".  Charles Meade takes all the demons in him(bad move daddy Meade!), and the real reason behind the reformation of the crystal skull is revealed. Blackwell wanted to create the ultimate circle of witch all of them being Blackwell's own children and kill all the other witches. Well suffice it to say he doesn't succeed in the killing department. At the nick of time, Cassie awakens Diana's dark magic and they are able to revert the skull's magic back unto Blackwell, who as a result burn from the inside and dies. So at the end the good people win, the circle agrees to hide the skull somewhere safe, Diana decides to leave Chance Harbor and go with Grant(who by the way has a sexy Australian accent), both Diana and Cassie get the dark magic tattoo on their hands and the other four Blackwell children arrive in Chance Harbor. Sadly, we won't know what happens in that area since The CW has decided not to renew the series for a second season...

Anyways moving on thoughts on the season and where it could have been a little better - They actually strayed from the books a bit too much...while yes removing Nick was a big NO from me but Jake was definitely a HOTTER addition. They found their footing a bit too late...which is to say towards the end of the season and the acting was also sub-par. Only Phoebe Tonkin stood out as this spunky no nonsense witch in the whole mix. Only the writing teams use of one problem per episode aka rushing to end each problem in the same episode proved even if the show did seem interesting at first, you start to loose interest in it after a certain time definitely not good for the i'm definitely not sorry that CW decided to cancel the show. 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Blog Notice

Hey Everyone,

Again I'm sorry for not updating sooner but somehow something or the other came up...So i won't be writing anything about all the movies i had seen since Sherlock Holmes 2 because i'm just bored and they are too many.....

So here is the deal - This is what i'm sticking to now:

After my exams finish,

I'll update with

  • the movie review of THE AVENGERS (have yet to see it so i'll review then),
  • the season finale report for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 3, THE SECRET CIRCLE season 1
  • a full season report to ONCE UPON A TIME and GRIMM.

I'm definitely sticking to this now......

Aparajita @The -'A' - Jurnale

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