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Author Harry Deshpande is touring for his book THE HOMEGROWN with Tourz de Codex and we are proud to present ourselves as the first tour stop.

About The Author

Harry Deshpande has worked in finance/costing/admin/procurement at various points of time. During the same period he also managed to rack up losses in about six business ventures, one after another.

He left India in 2001 and started programming in 2002. He and his family have moved around the globe for the next few years and are now settled down in United States since 2007. Harry is now working as a developer for a fortune 500 company.

Other than writing and programming, Harry also indulges in book reviews and day-trading stocks.

About The Homegrown

What does it take to make a man turn against his country and join the Jihadists? Today, as suicide bombs and terrorist attacks devastate all corners of the globe, this question consumes all of us. Now, author Harry Deshpande's debut novel, The Homegrown, comes all too close to home to explore the journey of an educated Danish citizen, who is confronted by circumstances that compel him to unfathomable ends. With Deshpande's effort to lift the veil on the lethal exchange at play on the international stage, readers who seek a deeper understanding of the global dynamics that are compromising world peace will find invaluable insight into the mind of the converted.

When recent college graduate Anwar, a Muslim born in Denmark, marries Nahgma, an Indian Muslim, her prosperous father is keen to celebrate the union by treating them to a honeymoon in Hawaii. However, Anwar's father has a markedly different idea in mind to launch their marriage: a visit to the family homeland of Pakistan to acquaint the new bride with Pashtun culture. Reluctantly agreeing, Anwar finds himself in the province of Quetta, and in the forbidding company of Hamid, a member of his extended family who has a palpable madness in his eyes.

Regrettably, this meeting will forever alter Anwar's worldview. When he takes up Hamid's offer to visit a site of American attack as proof that the United States is targeting innocents, Anwar lands in the middle of a skirmish between American Special Forces and the jihadist elements. From there, one traumatic event after another calls into question Anwar's accepted Danish mores, his relationship with his new bride, and his comprehension of Denmark's complicity to Pakistani atrocities at the hands of Americans.

From there, rigorous Jihadist brainwashing quickly transforms a benign Western accountant into an avowed Muslim with a new wife, for whom he has a passion that even surprises him. With that love rendered asunder, Anwar now has the fire to enact the unimaginable, right in his once-beloved Denmark.

With each turn, The Homegrown charts the grave and all-too-common trajectory from world citizen to public enemy, casting crucial light on why terrorists succeed with their message of hatred, and why the United States may be losing in the war of propaganda.


It is about the not so spectactular journey of a man who, due to a strange chain of events, will give up everything he knows to an act of terror. Written more as the journals of Anwar, this book has enough interactions to keep the story moving. A simple tale about what is here and what is there. Admirable job done by the author.



  1. Unrelated to this post but related to your "About Me" - Why oh why would anyone open your blog looking for political news? I mean, really. Seriously. Why?

  2. But, yeah. I like your blog :)


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