Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Rose" : The Werewolf road leads to the Vampire Boulevard

Previously I may have said that season 2, episode 1 had it all, I now am altered to add Rose to the list. This week’s The Vampire Diaries episode Rose has it all, from a brotherly road trip to an whirlwind of a fight to an outpouring of information to an entirely new direction for our favorite characters... and that was all before Damon’s “just once” confession of Love to Elena……oh!!! and that perfect one-eye tear............just once.

Sorry, just need a moment……………

God That was overly dramatic of me, let’s get back on track shall we????

Few shows can pull off the mix of action, answers and affection that was on display this week on The Vampire Diaries.

I might tear up again if I focus too much on the latter, so let's stop and try to make sense of the mythology that came streaming out of Rose's mouth this week.

Elena is a Petrova Doppelganger, the second one actually. We already knew this, but it sounds like she isn't the only one. Or there have at least been others through the years, we come to realize this when Elena’s kidnappers Rosemary and Trevor reveal that our dear friend Katherine who was at the moment rotting inside that stuffy old tomb is in fact the first Doppelganger. Her blood can break the sun and the moon curse, which "the originals" are interested in doing, presumably so they can wreak some serious havoc. Now, that is what you call dropping a giant-sized bomb!

There's Klaus, too?!? Now that’s kick-ass baby….the Klaus in the book was the one who turned Katherine, wonder what he’s going to do here. This is both a point and a question. I can't fault a show that reveals so many answers on a weekly basis... but we were introduced to Rose, Elijah and Trevor all in the span of a few minutes. Then, we learn there's an even more powerful, ancient vampire out there? And he's also on the way?!?

Oh! I forgot to mention MRS.FLOWERS, the landlady of the place where Katherine was staying….now for those who haven’t read the books she was the owner of the boarding house where the hot Salvatore brothers where staying and turned out she was actually a witch………so been wondering what she’s going to do her…….

So, now we're left with a new set of enemies for the Mystic Falls gang to battle. And now they are a united front against whatever, or whoever, lies ahead. Stefan gave Damon a heartfelt speech and apology at the conclusion of the episode, which preceded the latter's moving words to Elena.

It looks like this sibling rivalry is truly over for a moment and that Klaus, Elijah and every other Original won't have an easy time taking what they want from Mystic Falls, not when the Salvatores have both found something to fight for.


The show has to be a little careful just having Bonnie cast whatever spell is most appropriate for a given situation. That can feel like a convenient way out for the writers, but at least there are grave consequences every time she does.

Did events between her and Jeremy tilt your feelings on this potential hook-up one way or another?

Can Caroline really trust Tyler? Why do I have a strong feeling her secret won't remain between the two of them when all is said and done?

The Most hilarious part - You're a werewolf. Say it. Think this line, from Tyler to Caroline, was a purposeful wink at Twilight?

I found the use of the word "pardon" interesting. It appears as though the Originals abide by some form of law or code.

Impressions of Lauren Cohan as Rose? She'll be around for awhile.

Coming next week on Katherina, A lot more about Katherine is revealed this week, while Damon and Rose work together to get to the bottom of the moonstone.


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