Friday, February 11, 2011

So it seems : Elena has to die

Well well well, talk about a TVD episode with a lot of heart. Or hearts, should I say. Torn out of the chests of werewolves. Many, many hearts were torn out of the chests of werewolves.

But, aside from a few violent deaths, "Crying Wolf" crammed a great deal into one hour,  from a life-altering decision by Tyler to numerous planted seeds that will grow as the season progresses. But into what? Now that is the question which can only be answered in future episodes. 

By far this is the best episode of Season 2. What started out as a moderately slow episode, complete with a boy’s wet dream of Elena (Nina Dobrev), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) in bed together, quickly evolved into the pivotal turning point of this season’s story.

Elijah is finally exposed. We now knew that Elijah was up to no good when he made a promise to protect Elena’s friends. However, we didn’t know what Elijah’s end game was. Now we know. In order for Klaus, the leader of The Originals, to be defeated, Elena must first die so that Klaus can be weakened. That explains why Elijah isn’t in a rush to destroy the moonstone and eliminate the curse. First, he has to kill Elena and then Klaus.

Stevie laid out the issue of the moonstone rather well for Tyler. I know I'm supposed to hate these wolves, but I find myself understanding their point of view. Let's face it: most vampires are NOT like Stefan, or Damon when he's in a sensitive mood. These wolves have been feuding with their rival species for centuries, so it's hard to blame them for wanting to get the upper hand here. That said, I pumped my fist and chest-bumped my wife each time Elijah sent a wolf to the Great Jungle in the Sky. I don't want them to win, I just appreciate a well-layered villain.

Elena Has to die. Let's see what happens with getting some answers from Luca arc - What does it mean when a girl you like comes bearing frappuccino gifts? How about, don’t drink it! Bonnie decided it was high time she figured out the truth behind Jonas and Luca’s relationship to Elijah. She drugs Luca and puts him in a trance to expose the warlock family secrets. It seems that Klaus is holding Luca’s sister hostage so Jonas and Luca have teamed up with Elijah to take down Klaus. Unfortunately for Luca, Bonnie goes one step too far and forces Luca to divulge the secret behind killing an Original. This is a definite “No, No” for Luca and will surely have negative ramifications if Jonas finds out. Well, anything Jonas says will pale in comparison to Elijah.

The challenging question now: what do the core characters do about Elijah? They clearly need him in their battle against the werewolves, as he proved once again by coming to Damon's rescue. How jarring was it, by the way, to see this Salvatore brother dominated so physically?

Say is it me, or are all the werewolves on The Vampire Diaries are unlikable? While Tyler may be the howler to root for, he’s always been a jerk. It’s just that in his recent developing relationship with Caroline that we’ve begun to cheer for him. He drew a brief moment of sympathy after his father died, but that was short lived. Alas, he’s gone from the picture for now. In a failed attempt to capture the moonstone, Elijah murders Jules’ team of werewolves. Brady, surprisingly, lasted an entire two episodes before being betrayed by Tyler and killed by Stefan. Now, Tyler is off soul searching with his new partner Jules.

Also, good to see Bonnie and Jeremy finally get over all the tension and lip-lock. YAY!!!!

Considering all the answers revealed in this episode for the rest of season 2: Jenna has suspicions about Alaric. Can she remain in the dark about all the happenings in Mystic Falls forever? Elena's parents were hunters considering all the weapons in that hidden room, and I somehow doubt their game was venison or wild boar. What might those journals reveal? How might those weapons come into play? What about her mom and dad will Elena discover next?

And, most pressing of all: the turn. Stefan and Elena touched on their future for the first time this week, referring to it as a "box" that Elena wasn't ready to open. Stefan later found out why, of course. Does she really have a future? Assuming the answer is yes, and Klaus doesn't get to make his sacrifice, Stefan and Elena are headed toward the question that plagues all vampires and their human partners: To turn or not to turn? All this, and we haven't even touched on the road trip Tyler is taking with Jules. When will we see him next? How else might she mold her friend's nephew into a vampire hater?

Well this much done the next episode is "The Dinner Party" (the title kind of makes me remember of this short story of the same name by Katherine Mansfield)


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