Saturday, February 19, 2011

"The Dinner Party" hunting extravaganza

Here we are folks. Now, typically The Vampire Diaries saves its biggest cliffhanger for last. On "The Dinner Party," however, there were twists and turns around every commercial corner, from a shocking death, to an afterlife lesson from an unexpected source, to a witch-on-witch attack, to a naked bathroom surprise. Lets face it people a TVD episode without its ginormous twists and turns is not TVD at all. So, it is expected.

Stefan and Elena are still tucked away at the lake house, being all angsty and reading books. Well,book – Jonathan Gilbert’s journal. It seems Stefan killed him once up on a time. Angsty, angsty, folks. But even better – after a brief sojourn into the tale of how Lexi (remember her?) saved Stefan from the dark side, Elena reads some more and learns that if a vampire uses the dagger-and-ash against an original vampire (i.e. Damon against Elijah), both vampires will die.

Damon is currently dining and absolutely whining with Elijah (with the help of Alaric, Jenna, John and his new gf *fingers crossed behind back*) with the intention of killing him. A hurried phone call later and Damon’s plan is thwarted. But when Jenna goes to check on dessert, Alaric hastily kills Elijah himself. This pleased me. There is little more awesome in TVD than seeing Alaric being a badass.

But hold up, there’s more. If the dagger is removed, the original vampire will awaken– Oops, too late. Elijah heads to the lake house to get Elena, but it’s Elena’s turn to show how badass she can be. She threatens to kill herself if Elijah doesn’t promise to protect her loved ones (again), he calls her bluff, and she, uh, stabs herself. But her badassness does not end there, oh no, she then stabs Elijah with the dagger-and-ashes. He dies (dead-dead this time, they kept the dagger in) and Stefan saves her life.

"I just want you to fight for it." So said Stefan to Elena, following a detailed account of his dark past and how Lexie swooped in, saved the day and played amateur psychologist in the subject of vampirology to both Salvatore brothers. And goody-good another flashback filled episode. taking viewers further and further into the complicated history of Stefan and Damon. Just great stuff all around, especially the way Stefan relayed the advice given to him and applied it to Elena's desired i repeat unhealthy martyrdom.

"Leave the dagger in." A lesson well learned by Damon regarding how one kills an Original. I'm not too ashamed to say I yelped out loud at Elijah's death. I did not see that coming.

Well, his first death. When I thought he was actually dead. You've gotta love how The Vampire Diaries is so enjoyably chaotic that it kills off the same character twice in a matter of minutes. If this is the last we see of Elijah (and is anyone willing to take that bet? I predict they revive him when Klaus arrives cause they'll need the dagger to kill the big boss and there's only one dagger). Even Daddy Warlock addresses the same question i asked just now.

Another plot thread this week was of Bonnie and Jeremy. Now she's worried Elena might get freaked out about herself dating her little brother? Considering Elena’s with a vampire, I think who Bonnie's dating ranks pretty low on the freakometer. Really enjoying Bonnie and Jeremy’s sheer adorableness and then look – Daddy Warlock had to turn up and ruin the mood. Not only does he burst into their non-date and assault Jeremy, but he takes away Bonnie’s powers. How strong is this dude? Whatever, I don’t mean to be a bitch, but considering he and his son manipulated Bonnie and have been working for the big bad Elijah (however good their reasons are), I think it’s out of order to go around violating her.

And last but not least – Katherine’s back! I spent the whole of her first scene thinking ‘wait, why would the compulsion hold if Elijah was dead?’ Turns out it doesn’t. Damon got owned by Katherine yet again and so came home to find her all up in his shower. Katherine is clearly an intriguing character, played impressively by Nina Dobrev. But it's almost impossible to keep track of her plots, schemes and allegiances at this point. 

Upcoming next week is "THE HOUSE GUEST" - It's a night of confessions: Katherine makes one to Damon and Alaric makes one to Jenna.


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