Friday, February 4, 2011

"Daddy Issues" are the least of our problems cause the Vampire-Lycanthrope war is SO ON

During a month's hiatus us TVD fans have been hearing about the impeding war between the smoking hot vamps and the werewolves formally known as the lycanthropes. On this week's appropriately named "Daddy Issues" it escalates to huge proportions and poor Caroline gets the first hand experience. Or be the first victim of the 'toys' of the wolfies. OUCH THAT's SO GONNA HURT BIG TIME.

You know it's an exciting, action-packed episode when it starts and ends with Damon wet and naked... and those scenes are merely an afterthought and well it was clearly evident after last week's episode that Rose's death at the hands or should I say shoulders of a wolf bite had a major impact on Damon for he seems to have gone over back to the dark side.

Well he does seem to get some classy lines this episode like - Vervain is an acquired taste and he isn't that tall etc. etc. he constantly struggles between good and evil. I love the character, but there's little new to say about that cycle right now.

Fortunately we see here much more of Caroline, Stefan and Tyler and we also get introduced to the new werewolf Brady.......well it seems like the whole pack is here and not just him. 

I want the boy more than I want vengeance.
Let's get both.

Caroline is still new at this vampire thing and was trying to protect her friends, but when it backfired, she cut ties with Tyler. In response, he went back to the only real family he has right now - and can you blame him? His dad is dead, his uncle is dead and Jules is talking about a code of honor and loyalty. He could use a lot of that right now.

Stefan, meanwhile, is as always trying to play peacemaker, but had no choice but to fight back when confronted in the woods. Can't imagine that brawl (one of the best filmed, most tense sequences in show history) will go a long way toward helping him earn Tyler's trust.

Then there's Brady. He's a villain, sure. But he's just living the life he knows. He's likely grown up around those who instilled in him a mortal hatred for vampires. I'm certainly not rooting for him in this feud (the guy doesn't even have a superhero haircut), but I appreciate that he comes across as a multi-dimensional character.

Overall, a tight, solid, focused hour of television that continued to raise the stakes to major heights. But what Uncle John who should be called Daddy John now that his blood relation to Elena is made known in the Gilbert household but can he be trusted, well he did seem trustworthy enough, going out of his way to tell Damon the means of killing at Stake-resistant Vampire a.k.a. an original. I know i shouldn't be dropping this spoiler her for those who haven't seen the episode yet but what's he doing trying to help Katerine out of that tomb (seems like Daddy John has more in mind in coming back to Mystic Falls that tying loose-ends with the daughter a.k.a. Elena). 

Okay, now up for next week is "Crying Wolf" - Stefan and Elena try for a weekend of romance on this episode. But they are followed to her parents' lake house, and the result is anything but a relaxing vacation. Elsewhere, Damon tries to get a few secrets out of Elijah, while Jenna wonders if Alaric is hiding something.


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