Friday, February 18, 2011

Comeback: the power of the biebs certainly did not turn me on but the "RENT" diva-off certainly did

With a not so much of my favourite tribute, this COMEBACK episode Glee staged the Bieber fever, when Sam turned to the pop sensation’s music in order to save his romance with Quinn. Along with the “sugary sweet jolt of the Biebs,” Glee also took on songs from Rent and My Chemical Romance, which added up to quite an eclectic mix…and some really odd fashion choices.

And on an installment aptly titled "Comeback," I can pinpoint a few reasons as to what they might be:

Sam and the boys formed the Justin Bieber Experience to shake the girls out of their post-Valentine’s Day lull. Sam’s version of “Baby” was fun mostly because it drove the girls crazy while the guys’ reaction was confused. I had hit my Bieber limit by “Somebody to Love,” but I’m sure his fans loved the performance as much as Quinn(to think the boys sounded much better than the kid does when he opens his big mouth to sing). After a talk with Santana, Sam came to his senses and realized Quinn had been cheating on him with Finn. And just as quickly as he could dump Quinn, he hooked up with Santana, who has been deliciously evil these past two episodes.

It took one and a half seasons, but tonight we were finally treated to the first duet by Glee divas Rachel and Mercedes. And it was to “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent, a song originally performed by Idina Menzel, who plays Rachel Berry’s bio mom. I’ve been dying to see Glee do some of the music from Rent, so this was easily my favorite performance of the night. I also loved how Sue’s plan backfired, and Rachel and Mercedes are now closer than ever. Rachel’s on the road to a comeback, and it looks like it will come from making friends and writing an original song rather than starting a “sexy schoolgirl librarian chic” fashion trend. (having a comeback from an angle of fashion........well we all know how rachel sucks in the fashion department)

Now if we are to compare Santana and Sue. Well i will outright say i'm a bigger fan of the latter. But the show veers toward the ridiculous when too much attention is focused on the cheerleading coach's schemes (shooting girls out of canons, dressing up like The Grinch, etc). Santana is actually a far more logical villain, as she's a member of New Directions and can worm her way into relationships and situations. See tonight, for example. She's no slouch in the one-liner department, either, telling Sam that he has "full visitation rights" to the twins that "reside on her rib cage" and thinking James Earl Jones shot Martin Luther King. Moreover, this episode actually incorporated Sue into the bigger picture, doing it realistically and intriguingly: she's the vocal coach of Aural Intensity?!? 

Guys what about Puck's hair? That definitely was ridiculous........with him flipping his hair after every 1 sec.

 I could question how Finn immediately went from being the inspiring leader of the football team on the post-Super Bowl episode to someone unabashedly trying to steal a fellow student's girlfriend... but I'd rather pretend that episode didn't exist and just take in the feud between this pair. There's no lesson trying to be taught here. It's just an enjoyable back-and-forth.

Another first in this episode was a solo from the newest member of New Directions, Lauren Zizes. The funniest visual in “Comeback” was during her version of “I Know What Boys Like” when she imagined everyone in their underwear. Sue was in a dominatrix outfit, Will was wearing a vest and shorts, and Finn was sporting a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Lastly that hospital visit was just mesmerizing. Because most of the episode was filled with jokes that addressed serious issues (i.e. Brittany stealing Rachel's comeback thunder via her unique style choice), Will and Sue's singalong with the cancer patients came across as adorable, rather than preachy. It was a beautiful respite from the laughter and a reminder, as Will himself said, that glee club can be very weird at times, but it can also do a lot of good.

Next tuesday is the episode "Blame it on the Alcohol" where the gleeks get drunk on wine coolers at Rachel's house party.


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