Friday, December 10, 2010

How much longer than 4 years will 'Glee' cast be in high school?

Social networkers swooned recently when they saw a blog report in which "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy acknowledged that the show's "student" cast members will eventually be too old to play high-schoolers.
The information in the blog post is utterly consistent with what Murphy -- a graduate of Warren Central High School in Indianapolis -- has been say- ing whenever asked about the age issue.
That is, whenever he's not saying that they will never graduate from McKinley High School.
In August, for instance, Murphy was asked at Summer TV Press Tour 2010 how he planned to handle the whole aging actors playing high-schoolers thing.
"We obviously have to deal with the cast and the fact that, you know, the show will hopefully go many, many years," he said. But Murphy also said he had already "mapped out the first four years with our original cast."
"Glee" was unveiled in a single episode in May 2009, but actually launched as a series in the fall of '09. You do the math.
Murphy delivered these comments just a few months after appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show. She asked him what would happen when the cast graduates.
"They never will," he responded. "It's a 10-year high school."
A few weeks after Murphy's press-tour comments, he was asked again whether he would recast the high-schoolers when they started to look too old. That time he said he knew he would have to do it eventually if the show ran many seasons, but that Fox had committed to air the show only through May 2012.


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