Friday, December 10, 2010

'Glee' to cover 'a couple Michael Jackson songs' this season

When the kids of McKinley High return in 2011, there will be plenty of fireworks to make it worth the wait.
On Tuesday, published an interview with show creator Ryan Murphy. In talking about the highly anticipated post-Super Bowl show, Murphy revealed plans about the "Thriller" cover for the show. "It's top secret, I'm sworn to secrecy," Murphy said about the potential for doing the popular Michael Jackson song as a mash-up. "I want people to be surprised with what we're doing. All I'll say about that is that we're putting a new spin on it that I think people will really like."
Fans of Michael's music will be thrilled to know that "Thriller" is not the only song from the artist's catalog to be featured this season. Murphy stated that the cast will cover "a couple Michael Jackson songs" this season. "I'm narrowing it down, I don't know which ones I like," he explained. "We're not doing any more tribute episodes this year, but I want some old school ones."


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