Monday, December 20, 2010

"By the light of the moon": Enter the werewolves

Werewolf attacks, first transformations, Elena patrol and what not, it goes to the credit of the writers and directors of TVD to always turn our heads around when a season hiatus is considered,  that an episode which concluded with a deal between Elijah and Elena; a deception by Luca; and a mysterious werewolf bite on Rose.

So, folks we have another strong episode, one that continued the season’s trend of answering some recently asked questions while retaining enough mystique and interest to keep us watching.  In this episode’s case, we now understand why Elijah saved Elena from the prior week’s vampire attack. Also what do you all think about Rose being bitten.....well lets just say that the trailer for the episode pretty spells that Rose is gonna have a very hard time.....and was Jules really taunting Daemon in that trailer???

Well enough about have is gonna happen on January 24th next year (that is such a long will i survive till then without TVD or GLEE????), and lets just discuss what we see in this episode.

Elena is still on a suicidal mission which forces Bonnie to trap her in the house using her witchy powers.........a very convenient name given by Damon "Elena Patrol". 

Bonnie you did not just reject Jeremy and eye the new warlock on the scene who might not even be trustworthy, seeing as he doped Bonnie into believing that the moonstone was de-spelled after that firework............................Bonnie you really need to study some witchcraft textbook.

A new werewolf in town......Jules who comes looking for the "late" Mason Lockwood after "newborn"......see  what i quoted "newborn" newborn werewolf Tyler calls Mason..........supposing he was in Florida........viola! Mason is declared a missing person, thanks to the disturbance caused by the last she-wolf in town......Jules.

With all this disturbance in the outside world Stefan is still inside the tomb.........and did he just fantasize that hot scene......that made the Stefan+Katherine and Damon+Elena fans spring out a huge celebration in the supposed changes that were going to take place in their lives???...............notice i didn't say anything about myself in this equation. I'm perfectly content with Katherine alone in the tomb and Stefan and Elena being together.

Finally we see Matt after a very long time. Notice a huge part of the episode focussed on Tyler's transformation and Caroline a.k.a Vampire Barbie on Werewolf duty, since this was his first transformation and Caroline wanted to be with him as this was his first transformation and Caroline doesn't want him to be alone....... Scenes involving panic and pain (not to mention one’s body ripping itself apart) can walk a fine line between horrific and hilarious. Done right, the audience feels for you; done wrong and they’re laughing at your schlocky acting. 

Damon and Alaric showed how smooth they were today, i.e. not very. Personally, I would have had Alaric ‘save’ Jules from Damon. She might have bought a human; she was never going to buy a vampire. Alaric is still an impotent hunter – well, not in that way, gutterminds – relegated to playing drunk in a half-assed bar setup. What happened to the Alaric who kicked ass at twenty paces? Ah well, at least we still have the epic bromance.

That finished Elena did you really cut a deal with Elijah.......Its good you negotiated a deal with him that involves Stefan to be released from the tomb......but can Elijah actually be trusted???? Will he really keep the end of his deal????? What are his plans really???? He is one mysterious character of whom we can't seem to be getting any answers about....

Lastly, Rose was bitten at the what do we make of it??? Are her TVD days coming to an end???? Stay tuned for the next episode that will air after a long hiatus on Jan 24th, 2011. Till then feast your eyes on the upcoming episode trailer........


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