Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Rumours" have it that........

This week's episode of Glee was Rumours and just as the title suggests the rumour mill was running wild......but it wasn't just rumours that made a big part of the episode Fleetwood Mac also did. Yup the episode pays special tribute to them, specially on their 1977 album Rumours of which we get the title of the episode from.

Now that Glee has completed almost two seasons, I'm wondering which kind of episode is better: one that centers around one artist or album or one that centers around a theme but uses songs from different artists. Both have their merits, but I'll tell you what: episodes revolving around a single artist or album are a heck of a lot easier to review.

Of course. For one, you're not busy searching for song titles and artists. Second, you can see pretty easily if the episode adheres well to the theme set forth by the choice of that artist or album. And, in a pleasant turn of events, we not only got some well-done musical numbers, ones that seemed to have some emotion behind them, but we also got stories that seemed to be as coherent as any we've seen in this checkered season.

While the only cheese in this week's episode "Rumours" was in Brittany's fondue pot. Brittany and Lord Tubbington were a great kick off to the episode. Did anyone notice the photos on the wall behind her though? They didn't look like they were shots of her or were they? Maybe I was the stupid one Artie, either way Brittany was completely dope all episode long. Sue did seem a bit unhinged but she did paranoid well and made for a hilarious Ann Coulter. Sue even admitted that she hasn't quite been herself lately, that she's losing her grip. But instead of the cheese falling farther off her cracker, she actually hatched a relatively down-to-earth plan: resurrect the school paper, make it a rumor rag, and let the glee club tear itself apart from the inside.

So all the rumor mongering really got the various couples -- and wannabe couples -- in a bunch of snits. Finn and Rachel spy on Sam because Finn thinks Quinn is cheating on him. Then we see Sam come out of a hotel with Kurt and that rumor flies around. Brittany lets fly on her 'Fondue for Two' vidcast that Santana plays for the other team, and Artie is so hurt that he actually calls her "stupid" for the first time ever, mainly because he thinks (rightly) that Santana is manipulating her.

April was good in her return even if she looked a little like Magda from There's Something About Mary as she sipped her drink in Sue's office. Loved her line about drinking her dinner these days while having the straw in the wine glass to boot. The woman can sing that is for certain. It was fun to see Kristin Chenoweth back, though beyond the two numbers she did -- 'Dreams' and a funny duet with Will from April's comeback show -- she had a minimal presence. But, at least that was explained a bit: she was invited back by Terri to lure Will away from the glee club, and Lima all together, all so Terri can get their apartment back (she lives in an efficiency with a raccoon in the wall). So instead of a story about April, she was more a plot contrivance to tempt Will to ditch New Directions and move to New York.

But the emotions coming from the kids was palpable. I felt bad for Artie, but after he called Britt "stupid" I knew it was time for "Brintana" to emerge. Artie really belted out that "been down one time, been down two times" line from "Never Going Back Again." I bet people would pay a lot of money to have Puck just follow them around with his guitar. In the end, Artie will be ok. There are new levels for Angry Birds Rio due out this month. Santana really does love Brit, and she belts out 'Songbird' to let her know. Rachel is hurt and confused by Finn's insistence on staying with Quinn, so she gives her own rendition of 'Go Your Own Way.' And you can feel the tension between Finn and Quinn in every note of 'I Don't Want To Know.' There have been very few episodes where song and story were married together so well.

Then we find out about why Sam was hanging around that hotel room. For the first time in a long time, real life came to McKinley, didn't it? Sam's whole family was staying in a hotel because Sam's dad lost the job they moved to Ohio for. I'd want to hide this predicament if I were Sam, too; it was enough to be the trouty-mouthed new kid, much less one that's flat broke. It's likely the reason why he turned Rachel down for the prom. Knowing that, despite all the crappy rumors, the gleesters got together to buy back Sam's guitar, it really made the camaraderie we saw on the whole choir's rendition of 'Don't Stop' possible.

And now moving onto next week is absolutely going to ma favourite.......JONATHAN GROFF IS FINALLY BaCK ON GLEE......yup next week is the episode 'Prom Queen' where we see Jesse St.James....hope finally Rachel realises that Finn is not upto the mark for her....come on Rachel let Quinn play the relationship game with Finn you are one day going to leave Lima and make it big in the big apple....please try to get over that crazy unhealthy obsession for Finn and make way for some St. Berry love and dream big.


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