Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Glee sometimes makes you laugh, and sometimes it makes you cry. Tonight’s episode—appropriately titled “Funeral”—was a full on tearjerker. With the death of a sweet character, a break up, and a heartless show choir consultant (although i'm pretty much biased towards him), there weren’t too many laughs to be found tonight.

It couldn't have been a more touching and emotional episode than we got tonight with the "Funeral". Go ahead and try. Hold your breath, make a wish and count to three, I'll still be drying my eyes over here.

So in a particularly emotional episode of Glee, Sue has a loss in her already small family. Jesse is even more of a douchebag. Will may actually be leaving New Directions. And tensions are flaring. Rachel is still longing for Finn when clearly Jesse stands in front of her in all his glory (for some reason when he was kind of a jerk to her).

It is revealed that Sue’s adorable and amazing older sister, Jane. And there is something rather disturbing about it all, especially seeing as how Sue doesn’t have any idea of how to deal with it. In steps Finn and Kurt (Furt). It is a story one can be sure others can relate to, not knowing how to deal. With some Glee-filled help fromNew Directions, Sue shows some much needed emotion. The entire funeral scene had a few friends and I weeping like morbid children. The performance of Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” along side old videos of Sue and Jane had us all pretty much bawling. 

Apparently the touching words Sue wrote about her sister made Finn realize that Quinn isn’t the one for him. I can’t believe Quinn’s response was to bring up up the Prom Queen and King thing yet again. The real question is what are these “big plans” she has for New York? We now know what Mr. Schue has planned for his time in New York—Broadway! I’m glad the man with all the vests is taking the opportunity to follow his dreams. He promised Emma that “this isn’t forever,” and I’m taking him at his word that he’ll be back next year.

Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, and Rachel all audition to be the team’s lead star performers for Nationals, and Jesse along with his reality show judging, literally chewed out all of their amazing performances that ranged from Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”. All expect Rachel’s performance. Which one must admit, was quite a damn amazing performance of Barbra Streisand’s “My Man”(again I say....although the song was amazing but Rachel is kinda becoming annoying with this insistent pawning over a dumb and clueless Finn who wouldn't even know what Funny Girl actually is.....come on you should have seen Jesse's face when Rachel came onto the stage and he wanted to know if she wanted to sing it for somebody). Jesse looks to still be sticking around for the time being, doing what but sticking with Rachel (thank God!! Glee actually becomes a lot more interesting when Jonathan Groff comes on..... hallelujah.....), I have no idea. Does he have some sort of evil plan? Or is he really there for Rachel?

With the possibility of Will actually leaving the Glee club next year, Emma is preparing herself, emotionally. But I like many others doubt he’ll actually be leaving. And if he does, he’ll realize his mistake early next season and come racing back. I would actually love to see how that storyline goes. Becky will be Cheerio's captain next year! How awesome is that? And I am so glad she wasn't the one to perish in this episode. She's too fun and adorable to watch as Sue's most trusted minion!

As much as I enjoyed Jane Lynch’s performance in “Funeral,” this episode was such a downer and I think it slowed the momentum the show had picked up in last week’s prom episode. I’m really looking forward to next week’s finale at Nationals in New York. Hopefully we’ll get a few great performances and some resolution on all this couple drama.


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