Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"New York" - where dreams spring up alive!

Glee wrapped up its second season tonight with a trip to New York to compete at Nationals. New Directions has been working toward this moment for two years—despite frequently getting sidetracked by bullying, jealousy, and the sabotage of Sue Sylvester. It was darn near perfect, and the setting of New York City definitely only enhanced the episodes glamorizing features. Well, NYC was pretty much “the” glamour in the episode…Along with the cheese. Extreme cheesiness is found pulsating in this episode! And some unrealistic moments, even for Glee standards! But it’s all good…mostly. (emphasis on 'mostly')

Gleeks everywhere were rooting for the underdogs from Lima, Ohio to beat out 49 other show choirs, including Vocal Adrenaline.

Well, we knew it was kind of a long shot, right? Especially since they were still writing the songs hours before the competition(that definitely shows that New Directions was not prepared for that level of competition) but they are practicing procrastination like champs. We saw the level of competition they were up against when that Chelsea Handler look-alike belted out Usher.

But before we talk about Nationals, let’s talk about New Directions hitting New York. It was so much fun to see Rachel and Kurt have breakfast at Tiffany’s and sing “For Good” on theWicked stage. I would totally watch a Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine spin-off in New York. Anyway, Mr. Schue got in on the Broadway action too with “Still Got Tonight” (from Matthew Morrison’s new album).

Then there was Rachel and Finn’s classic romantic comedy date: flowers in Central Park, dinner at Sardi’s (complete with a Patti LuPone sighting), and then a romantic walk while being serenaded with “Bella Notte.” It was perfect until Rachel, who has spent this season pining after Finn, suddenly reverted to the Season 1 version of herself and decided the stage was her first love. It took the “Superman of kisses” to make her realize she can spend senior year with Finn before she leaves for New York.

Despite a few unrealistic moments, even by Glee standards, I thought it was a good finale. It didn't leave me with chills, or tears in my eyes, but it definitely had me chomping at the bit for next season. The original songs didn't live up to the high standards set by "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me," but that was strategic. The songs were mediocre and that was why they weren't in the top 10 (note to self - the Directions: don't wait until the day before to prepare your Nationals routine, okay?)

Finchel drama is, has been, and will most likely always be the main point of “the drama” in this series. After all, these two are the obvious mainstream couple for the show. Although, in a time of trying their darndest to win Nationals, one would have thought that the two could have left the relationship drama behind in Ohio for the time being. The relationship drama literally ruined Nationals for them. I mean when you're up against a group of white dress wearing ladies belting an Usher classic club song and Vocal Adrenaline, headlining with Charice...well you are kind of screwed. I didn't know a kiss would be so vulgar on stage. That just seems really...stupid.

Quinn, baby, you need some help. She was all over the place in this episode just being a witch with a capital B. Your flimsy high school romance is not going to sustain beyond the four walls of McKinley High, mostly because she is too insecure with herself and her fears of failure and not achieving her dreams. She’s been rather shallow and selfish for a better half of this season. And can you believe that a damn haircut suggested by the absolute genius Santana and Brittany, made this chick “feel better”. She just seemed to be totally over it after that. That was a huge WTF moment. And just kinda poorly written. Or maybe that is all there is to Quinn. She’s just a spoiled brat that is likely to zimmer-down when approached with a slight change in appearance. REALLY (*incredulous*).

Quinn BIG PLAN was a total letdown - why say last week she has 'something big' planned and then it turns out she was simply waiting for Rachel and Kurt to go off on their own to get them suspended (how would she have known they'd do that)? Mr Schue is a dreadful teacher leaving the kids alone as often as he did, surely they would have needed another chaperone anyway (for the girls)?

Remember the epicness of last year’s season finale? Jonathan Groff and Vocal Adrenalin’s mind blowing performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was interspersed with scenes of Quinn giving birth. New Directions was facing off against their nemesis—Vocal Adrenalin, who was coached by Rachel’s bio mom. The kids came full circle and sang a medley of Journey songs, including the one that started it all, “Don’t Stop Believin.” Compared to that, I think “New York” fell flat. Obviously they set the bar so high last year that it was going to be nearly impossible to beat. Perhaps if Glee had shown more of Vocal Adrenalin (or other competing show choirs) during the course of the season, tonight’s competition would have had more tension.

Brittany was preaching the truth to Santana and her words made for a great summation. Church was in service as she nailed this season's theme of acceptance. Like Rachel and Kurt sang to one another, everyone in the glee club is who they are today because they met each other. They have been changed for the better for having met one another, just like I have been after watching this season unfold. 

Things that did not go to my liking in the finale - Rachel should not have kissed Finn like that...her and Jesse kiss in the previous "Funeral"...then at the beginning of the episode she tells Finn that she doesn't want any boy drama until the competitions finish.....and she goes and kisses Finn right on stage infront of the crowd....there by eating her own words....(i know i'm ranting but please Finchel has run its course a long time back, besides there is no chemistry between Finchel at all as opposed to St.Berry which oozes heavy-duty chemistry.....COME ON JESSE ST.JAMES IS HOT AND CLEARLY WANTED RACHEL BACK). Then the Vocal Adrenaline original "As Long As You're There" sung by Charice....they could have used the full song and made use of the background dancers a bit more instead of using just half of them. (I have no criticism for that all girl acapella group that belted out the Usher classic "Yeah!"....out of the three performances we saw in the episode they were the best.) 

Until next season aka september 2011, enjoy the reruns and look forward to the 3D movie. Next year, The New Directions are going to bring home the hardware!


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