Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Prom Queen"......or King...o.O

Before I say anything......THE GROFF IS BACK .... Halleujah......I know what you guys are thinking that I have gone mad but I (and i'm sure a lot of you out there) practically have been waiting for Jonathan Groff's return to Glee. And it has finally happened.

Now before I go overboard let's return to the matter at hand....So this week in Glee was the episode titled Prom Queen, naturally prom is a right to passage in high school so naturally it was expected of the big guys on Glee to do a Prom themed episode. GLEE seems to have gotten off the preachy wagon and somewhat more on track with this week’s episode “Prom Queen”. Of course since there are lots of gay themes this week, conservative America led by the sow of the decade Victoria Jackson will consider this episode part of the dreaded “Gay Agenda”. Incidentally, if I could figure out what the “Gay Agenda” is I would figure out how I can make money from it! Actually this is an episode with a really nice message of acceptance at its core.

The episode as a whole was fine for what it was, touching on most of the hallmarks of a decent prom episode. We had our dateless drama, the spiked punch, the jealousy, the crushed dreams. You know, everything prom. Artie had an interesting journey in "Prom Queen," going from his "Isn't She Lovely" prom proposal to bad boy to prisoner of war. Lovelorn Artie was entertaining, but using him for Sue Sylvester's unfunny torture bits didn't work for me. It felt as though that entire portion was just squeezed into the episode to give Sue a few more punchlines, but the concept was too over-the-top to actually work.

Sue was back and wearing Spanx. Who knew? Loved how she told "Butt Chin" that the club should apologize to America for their rendition of "Run Joey Run." Great way for the writers to poke fun at themselves and address their critics at the same time.

As I already said before Jesse St. James returns this episode....Now he totally out shined Rachel on "Rolling in the Deep," which is OK, but really suffers without the amazing vocals of the original artist but it was a great scene.....he definitely knows how to make an entrance. Although he's nothing but trouble as we saw in the scenes for next week's episode but its going to be a relief from all the pinning Rachel does for Finn...ugh seriously they have no chemistry between them what so ever, besides I ship St.berry too much.

Rachel covers “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri and actually sounds amazing, but then again power ballads are kind of her trademark. The only thing about that song in this episode is it was used as the slow dance song at prom, and the song is actually about betrayal – so it was a bit of an odd choice, even though it really fit the story well.
Artie (Kevin McHale) does a really sweet cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” in an attempt to get Brittany (Heather Morris) back, but she’s still stinging from him calling her stupid so the attempt falls flat. Then poor Artie ends up in the clutches of Sue Sylvester for attempting to spike the punch at prom. Now let’s take a step back for a moment. There are a LOT of far-fetched scenes they have put Sue in, but a scene with her prepared to physically torture a student, much less a student in a wheelchair – what the hell are the writers thinking?

The other two prom songs in the episode are covers of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” which actually comes off as a fun danceable song (strangely, it’s better than the original), and Black Kids’ “I’m not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You.” “Dance with You” was fun and as always Blaine (Darren Criss) has a fantastic voice, but the song seemed a wee bit thin for his voice, and it wasn’t the usual swoon that he creates in practically every other number.

Aside from all the superficial relationships the series has done a fine job building a connection between the audience and Kurt Hummel. Some would say too much of a fine job since the attention Kurt gets is much of the reason why we're less connected to the other characters. That said, "Prom Queen" was most effective with Kurt's storyline. Since Kurt's return to McKinley, he's been mostly under-the-radar. In the two episodes since his comeback, he hasn't had much to do. This lulled us into thinking his problems at the school might be over, especially with Kurofsky owning up to his mistakes and backing off his bullying ways. Kurt made a point of this early in the episode, which in retrospect was foreshadowing what was to come.  
With so much attention put on the other contenders, I wasn't at all expecting Kurt to be named Prom Queen. Figgins' reading of the card, Kurt's reaction and the few audible, mocking cheers made this a powerful moment. It was the kind, without having it spoiled, that drops your jaw and forces you to lean forward in anticipation of what will be happening next. I liked seeing the three different aftermaths from Kurt, Quinn and Santana. This segment was done really well and helped remind viewers that while Kurt may get a lot of the screen time, this was a moment that affected a lot of people.

Kurt accepting his crowning with little more than a royal wedding quip didn't seem strong enough to elicit a "We're with you now!" slow-building ovation from the very students that jokingly crowned him in the first place. But it is television why spoil a sweet moment with reality?

So, after an enjoyable episode now only two more episodes are still left this season.......and Jesse stays in those two as well.......also from the trailers for the next episode it looks like Jesse and Rachel are going to get some action(if you can catch the drift)........................................ok I should definitely stop now...


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