Saturday, September 17, 2011

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 3 "The Birthday"

Its back in full swing for season 3 and pretty much everything is topsy-turvy since we last had been to Mystic Falls. A strong attribution to the ever changing and ever evolving prowess of The Vampire Diaries writers. And is the model example of the new normalcy.

So lets recap the last season finale and then move onto this season's first episode. As you all clearly remember Tyler Lockwood, our resident werewolf had bit Damon and he was going through the same ordeal like Rose had and Stefan had struck a deal with big bad Klaus that he would do anything to get the antidote or in this case Klaus' blood which heals the wolf bite. So true to his word Stefan is stuck with the bad guy with his internal switch flipped over and going full ripper mode while Damon stays in Mystic Falls.

So its season 3 and as expected everything has taken the sharpest u-turn ever. Stefan has re-entered his dark phase and literally gone full ripper mode and I don't really think I need to elaborate on what that means since he toys with them, drains their blood and when all done puts the body parts back together in an act of remorse.

And like Paul Wesley's character every other of then has transformed but this much is clear Stefan is honorable and an upstanding sort of a guy who'd do anything to save his loved ones and everyone he cares for.
Hitching a road trip with a hybrid is also not the coolest experience. A bloody saga follows everywhere, it is clear enough Stefan is the one doing the dirty work for Klaus while he stands and entertains himself. And their one priority is - find werewolves for Klaus' ultimate race and though it seems that the old Stefan is gone...well definitely not true, he is still in there and taking it all in as it happens - if you have seen the episode you'll know what I'm talking about here.

Damon for a lack of a better word has gone the detective way. We all know Damon is like a free spirit and definitely does not want to be restrained in a place. He has now been bound to stay in Mystic Falls not only trying to prevent Elena from doing anything that might draw the attention of Klaus to the fact that she lived the season 2 ordeal and likewise trying to find out his brother's whereabouts and well in a somewhat relationship with Andie Star - before Stefan puts a stop to it.

Caroline and Tyler as well on the border of friendship and dating. Both are horny and the added bonus of being a vampire and werewolf. Holy crap...the sexual tension was out of control, and the sex itself was even more out of control. Their chemistry is a treat to watch, and not only when half-naked - their back-and-forth exchanges offered some legitimately fun moments. But at the end of the day Mrs. L guns her down with vervain most likely. Double crap she knows something.
While Jeremy is happy with Bonnie (who is sorely missed in the first episode) is seeing his two dead girlfriends as ghosts. Why? It is not certain. But they spring up in situation not expected at all. And it all goes and finishes with a TVD vintage ending with a huge shocker just before the the credits rolled.

So conveniently enough the series premieres with its own style and swagger and all the spooky cliffhangers as the credits roll and I shall again be meeting you with another TVD post as the season goes on hiatus in December.


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