Sunday, September 18, 2011

"The Secret Circle" Pilot - So begins a tale that is secret

So we finally have an ideal companion for the vampire diaries. Yes everyone I'm talk about The Secret Circle. Not only are both written by L.J. Smith but both are also associated with the supernatural and the paranormal. And based on what we saw in the first episode this is definitely going to be an adventure....with all the secrets going around it, it was mysteriously enjoyable. Since I have not read the book and I don't plan to read the book, simply because it will spoil all the fun for me so I am sitting here waiting every Thursday to be surprised.

Like every other show out there The Secret Circle deals with teens wrestling with their abilities and their relationships, the latter be the the result of a supernatural skill set that brings students together, or typical feelings of young love.

So the pilot lays out the blue-print for the show. Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) moves in with her grandmother in small town Chance Harbor after a mysterious fire killed her mother (which may not be so mysterious after all). There she meets this group, the witches and finds out she is one too, which is hard for her to believe. Also she feels a certain attraction with Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker). I suppose the synopsis is good enough.

So Britt Robertson as Cassie has definitely laid the foundation for the character. She plays young, shy, naive and strong willed rather nicely. Phoebe Tonkin as Faye, well she is the mean girl and she knows how to use her powers. Although it is good to have someone as rational and level-headed as Diana (Shelley Hennig) but to balance out the quota someone like Faye is needed who doesn't have qualms about using her power as she sees fit and tends to go wild.
Adam, how do you describe him...he is well perfect, handsome and charming. There is definitely a bit of a love triangle here. Cassie is attracted to Adam but he is dating Diana and has been dating Diana and as a matter of fact been dating her for three years. So we may expect some tug-of-war here for in Cassie and Adam's case fate is at play and "bad things happen when you mess with fate"...ohhh spooky!

Very little is shown about Nick (Louis Hunter) besides the fact that he is her neighbor and their windows are adjacent. Melissa is also not given much space besides the point that she is Faye's partner in crime and holds some sort of a secret.

The most aspect of the show is definitely this inter-generational war that is going to be a major factor. Something had happened 16 years ago - some "accident" occurred and many deaths took place as a result. There is a rather rich and meaty past here which is somewhat revealed during the interaction between Jane Blake and Dawn Chamberlain. So Diana's dad and Dawn seems to be conspiring together. The Circle will take care of it without knowing it.
There is a deep secret around the town. Who is after Cassie? What do Charles and Dawn want with her? What had happened 16 years ago that has the elders scared enough to abolish witchcraft. Lots of details and lots of secrets - I am definitely on board for some witchy action. See you all again with another TSC post when the season goes on hiatus in December.


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