Monday, September 26, 2011

Glee Season 3 Premiere

The second episode is about to air and I still don't feel like writing a post on the season premiere yet and after the dismal ending of last season and the rush with which it finished I was seriously having doubts if I should continue or not because well I definitely didn't like how Jesse St. James aka the elusive Jonathan Groff was treated last season, sure cracking an egg on Rachel was so not good and he definitely deserved a bit of cold shoulder but the way his character was under-appreciated last season and the oh the hypocrisy of Rachel returning to Finn again when she made it clear in the same episode that she wants to concentrate on her future was enough for me to hesitate.......well you can't expect any less from a St. Berry shipper now can you.

But I suppose I should get on with the season 3 premiere review. The episode is titled "The Purple Piano Project" - its a new year, senior year for some the gleeks and again New Directions is in need of new members. Sam Evans has moved out of town, Lauren Zizes has also left Glee and broken up with Puck and Quinn has gone the rebellious way (dying her hair, taken up smoking, gotten a tattoo of Ryan Seacrest, and pretty much joined a group of outcast girls called the Shanks) and doesn't want to return to either the cheerios or glee. So the purple piano project is aimed at encouraging the student body to audition and join the glee club(expect the students hate the glee club).
Coach Sylvester is running for congress this year and is again up to no good. Interfering with the day to day activities of  the club and in general doing everything to stop the glee club progressing. To recruit new talent, Will places several purple pianos around the school and encourages the club to sing whenever they see one. When Mike and Tina play on one in a hallway, Sue interrupts them by snapping the piano strings with wire cutters, and is praised for doing so by an arts-hating teacher, who promises to vote for her. An inspired Sue goes on television and vows that, if elected, she will cut all funding for school arts programs until all students read at or above grade level.

Kurt and Rachel see Emma about their plans to attend college in New York City. She suggests they consider a top school for the dramatic arts there, and the two of them attend an Ohio "mixer" for students interested in applying. They have rehearsed "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead", expecting to overawe the other attendees, but are instead intimidated by their performance of an "Anything Goes" and "Anything You Can Do" mash-up led by Harmony (Lindsay Pearce). Although badly shaken, they vow to persevere.
At the end of the day they only get Blaine as a new member, who was convinced by Kurt to transfer from Dalton to McKinley and the episode finishes with Rachel taking the lead in the song "You can't stop the beat" from Hairspray.

So this was the first episode and lets see what is going to happen. Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) returns this season and she is making an appearance in the next episode which is title "I am a Unicorn". Hopefully we might see Jesse again, although there no news yet to confirm it but yes hopefully this season wouldn't disappoint and they should keep the original songs coming in too.


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