Saturday, March 5, 2011

"The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreak Extravaganza" is officially underaway!!

Again i'm sorry for a late review. Saw the episode long time back but important tests were coming up so I couldn't write it. So, here it goes

Did you know what over 400 people die per year from alcohol poisoning? And drunk driving is really bad? If you weren't aware of these facts, Glee made it a mission to drive the points home on "Blame It on the Alcohol." Fortunately, there were enough fun songs and scenes thrown in so that the episode didn't feel too preachy. Finally an episode that was fun and huge definition of racy and also made a good point of warning against alcohol.

There's no way for a series to not come across like a Public Service Announcement when the topic is alcohol. This can be especially grating because alcoholism is a serious disease. It's silly, and almost insulting, to suddenly pretend like Will has such a severe problem that he has to actually give up imbibing simply because he left one drunken message. Moreover, high school students will party and drink and vomit and repeat the process for as long as there is liquor and empty basements. They shouldn't get behind the wheel after doing so and they should be careful sexually and etc etc etc........

Good thing they did not preach it and actually made it like kinda funny and enjoyable outfits (what were Kurt and Rachel wearing to the party?!?) and catchy performances (so nice to see the show go western for a change!). It's hard to take too much of an exception to an episode that gives us Beiste in a cowboy hat.

One complaint though: their is  no way Finn knows the word "archetypes." The "The Weepy Hysterical Drunk, The Angry Drunk, The Stripper Drunk, The Happy Drunk, and The Needy Girl Drunk" part was just extreme since Finn is shown as a stupid boy with very low intellect. 

Speaking of train wrecks, the “Rachel Berry Train Wreck House Party Extravaganza” got off to a slow start, but things quickly got crazy after the kids decided to bust into Rachel’s dads’ liquor cabinet. The spin the bottle kiss between Rachel and Blaine was surprisingly intense and led to an awesome duet of “Don’t You Want Me.” It reminded me a little bit of the days of Rachel and Jesse St. James (when the hell is Jesse coming back on Glee????), and hopefully Glee will find a way for Rachel and Blaine to sing together again. The unexpected kiss also led to Blaine briefly questioning his sexuality. I was sure Rachel the drama queen would freak out on Blaine after he declared “Yep, I’m gay. One hundred percent gay” but she was excited to channel the experience into her songwriting. Good for her!

I was on Kurt's side in his initial argument with Blaine during the argument later. Yes, a friend should be understanding, but Blaine absolutely billed himself as a confident, out, proud, sure homosexual. Of course it was jarring for Kurt to learn that his role model in this area doubted his sexuality. But then Kurt got on my nerves when arguing with his father. Didn't Burt say he'd also object to Finn having a girl sleep in his bed? Wasn't he instituting the same rules for both gay and straight? Kurt left the conversation by telling his dad to "educate" himself so Kurt could go to him with problems, just like a straight person would.

While the kids were partying, Will and Coach Beiste did some partying of their own at Rosalita’s Roadhouse honky tonk bar. Coach Beiste made her singing debut on “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” with Will, and she was totally in her element. Unfortunately, Will ended the night by drunk dialing Sue instead of Emma. That proved highly disastrous for the poor guy.

With their performance of “Tik and also Tok” by “Ke-dollar-sign-ha” (Iqbal Theba sure has some funny one liners) cut short by purple projectile vomiting, I think their record of train wreck school assemblies is intact, although apparently it was enough to scare the kids of McKinley High straight.

Now, before you rise up in arms, this is an anti-drinking episode, with a moderation or abstinence message. As mentioned before, a couple of singers end up vomiting during a song after doing shots before the performance. Lucky for them, Principal Figgins assumes they are merely acting a role to discredit the practice. But there aren't actually any serious consequences for the drinking, and it feels a little odd that everyone, including Will, who we'll get to in a minute, agrees to sign a sobriety pledge that will last until after Nationals.

And at least Gwyneth Paltrow is returning on the next episode on 8th March! Hooray! Overall, this was a strange episode of Glee, one that clearly tried to send along a pair of messages. Below is a promo for both "Sexy" and "Original Song".


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