Sunday, March 6, 2011

"The House Guest"

Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Raging fire, Character deaths, shocking admissions, shocking returns and what more.....a perfect normal everyday recipe for a perfect TVD episode, a perfect explanation for 2x16 episode The House Guest.

Before we discuss a certain Vampire mum's return, we should get down to business as to the other aspects of the episode. For one i'm sure the Mystic Falls population is sure going to be more effected by the lose of Mystic Grill in this episode than the actual loss to people of the town.

The episode wasted no time getting into the action, as we opened on Katherine inside the Salvatore mansion, Damon explaining how she escaped the tomb and Katherine trying to explain why: she wants Klaus dead. She knows what he looks like, she knows where he is, they need her. Don't you just love when she is right?!?

Does anyone else think it weird that Stefan apparently can’t tell Katherine and Elena apart any more? It used to take him a while, sure, but he figured it out in the end. Now it’s not as easy. I still think he’s going to end up doing the dirty with Katherine at some point, whether he knows it or not. He’s really a great counterpoint to Damon, whose heart keeps getting stomped on by his vampiric ex-lover. Note to Kat: you might wanna stop reminding him how much you don’t want him, sweetheart. Note to Damon: to be honest, I wouldn’t have kicked her out of my bedroom, so more power to you, dude.

We of course learn all about Katherine's scheming and the true reason she stayed behind.  I had to rewind her rundown of the deal with John to Damon, but as I best understand it: He showed up at the tomb at the conclusion of "Daddy Issues" and told Katherine he and Isobel wanted the Salvatores out of Elena's life. Katherine could assist. In exchange for helping them kill Elijah, she could save one brother. She chose Stefan. For that reason, Uncle/Daddy John gave Damon the dagger and Katherine never revealed to him the fate that would befall any supernatural who used it.

Now,  if Katherine had selected to save Damon, John would have given Stefan the dagger... right? As Katherine herself joked earlier in the episode, likely as a wink to viewers: "So many rules. It's all very confusing." Where is all this going? With Isobel's arrival, it's difficult to say. But one thing is for certain that Katherine truly didn't care if he died - she actually plotted his death! - it also looks like Damon has finally gotten over his centuries-old crush. Way to go, Damon - you big boy! Might his feelings for Elena actually dissipate now, though? Originally, at least, they were tied into her resemblance to Katherine.

Lets now look to another important point in the episode.....the warlock duo father & son.....were great additions to the show and they left us at the perfect time, in the perfect way: via surprising deaths that will likely play a major role going forward. After all, the Gilbert journals spoke of a witch massacre in Mystic Falls, along with the super power one can derive from a witch burial ground. Or simply the site where a witch died in a violent manner. Hmmm, what two locations now fit that bill? The Salvatore household and the Gilbert household.Come on in, Klaus, we'd love to show you around! Might those be the words of witch wisdom Jonas imparted to Bonnie? Lure Klaus in, do some serious spelling and take advantage of the way in which he and his son perished cause Jonas' last-breath grab of Bonnie was definitely very very creepy.


Matt. Poor, confused, innocent, would-have-died-if-not-for-the-blood-of-his-vampire-girlfriend, Matt. I loved his reaction to Caroline's revelation, specifically the call back to Vicki. It makes perfect sense he'd be especially sensitive to the whole vampire thing.

Although it’s the crux of the series right now, I can’t wait for this Klaus storyline to be done, over, finito. The slate needs to be cleared somewhat so we can appreciate the great storytelling that The VampireDiaries has at its core.
There are no new episodes until April 7th, what the deal with this month long wait for the next episode?? Next episode would be "KNOW THY ENEMY"


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