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The Vampire Diaries: Till Now: Mid-Season finale

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries is almost done. Its the Mid-season finale after a successful run of nine episodes and over for the year returning again on 5th January, 2012 (very long wait). And be warned the post below may contain some spoilers for those who have yet to see the ninth episode of the season.

Now lets recap what we know so far - So last season we saw Stefan leaving Mystic Falls with Klaus as condition for the werewolf antidote for Damon who got bitten by Tyler Lockwood in a struggle during he was changing during the full moon. So Stefan is still away and Elena is doing all she can to get him back to town with very little help from Damon, who is being a characteristic jerk and being less helpful than Elena hopes to be. Something else entirely is going on, Damon is actually tracking him along with Alaric, the history teacher and has been marking every place they had seen in a secret closet. Elena thinks all the news clips she procures from Sheriff Forbes about all the deaths are Klaus victims but the case is totally different (more Stefan news than Klaus news). Stefan has literally.....flipped the switch.....true upto a certain extent but there he goes at the season premiere and makes a call to Elena in Mystic maybe the caring Stefan is still in there....maybe there is still hope for him yet.

While Jeremy has his own problems, during the last season when Bonnie brought him back to life without the consent of those dead witches and they said there would be consequences.....well there you have it Jeremy Gilbert can now see the ghost of his two dead girlfriends Vicki and Anna and Bonnie is not in Mystic Falls at the moment so she doesn't know exactly what is going on there back home. Caroline and Tyler on the other....well too much sexual tension there. Alaric on the other feels like a failure - girlfriend dead, ex-wife is also dead and now he must look after Elena and Jeremy but he feels he has failed everything.

On the other hand Klaus and Stefan are a completely different story. Klaus wants to make more hybrids out of the werewolves but something is wrong even if he is doing the procedure as it is (umm... Elena is still alive), all of them are dying. So Stefan is his only companion in all this. After a string of failures in the hybrid making program, Klaus and Stefan go to the windy city....Chicago and there you go dagger out of another original, Klaus' sister Rebecca, who loved Stefan during his ripper period.

So long way from there Damon, Alaric and all the at the moment Mystic Falls residents are trying all they can to keep Elena out of Klaus' radar and Stefan along with Klaus is also trying all he can to keep Mr. Hybrid out of Mystic Falls. And you know what that necklace you saw Elena wear (a present from Stefan) actually belonged to Rebecca and is a talisman of the original witch who set that curse upon him all those years ago. There you have, Mystic Falls just seems to be the perfect place for a mythical creatures confluence and apparently everything dangerous happens there - meaning Klaus suspects that Stefan is not really truthful with him and off they go back there.

Now since I am trying to be spoiler free here in the spirit of those who still need to watch those nine episodes so I'm not going to reveal the story but I'll tell you this the all round invincible Klaus is actually afraid of something. Like Katherine's been running away from Klaus for millions of years Klaus is also running away from someone....a vampire hunter to be exact, Michael. Now why he is running away from this Micheal when the neither the moon nor the sun effect him is a different story altogether.

But i'll tell you this all this details lead up to one hell of a mid-season finale. Where tables are turned, allegiances changed and a plan within a plan rather goes badly. Only one good thing has happened out of all this - Stefan is free of Klaus' compulsion (YAY! ripper Stefan doesn't really set with me) and he wants revenge from Mr. Original Hybrid.

Anyways moving on thoughts for all nine episodes and where it could have been a little better - So I don't really think I need to elaborate much more on all the nine episodes because....well its season 3 and the show is going great keeping us viewers on our toes constantly. Every episode has so much going on there and their formula of ending every episode with a gigantic cliffhanger gives the show a major plus point. But I'd like to point one thing out sometimes all this jumble of story arcs in some of the episodes prove to much and lead it to waste and the episode proves to much of a disaster.

As far as the acting goes I have nothing to say. All of them are so great and no questions asked it is an ensemble of great actors.

So without further ado, the promo for the next episode -

Ohhhhh trouble ahead....and such a long wait....damn!

So see you guys on 5th January, 2012.


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