Friday, November 11, 2011

The Secret Circle: Till Now: Mid-season finale

After a long absence, I'm back.

And after its nine episode run The Secret Circle is off for the moment to return on 5th Jan, 2012 (that is one long wait). Oh and if you still haven't seen the mid season finale then be warned before you read ahead - you may get some spoilers in here (although i'll try to be spoiler free).

Lets recap what we know so far - Cassie comes to Chance Harbor after an accident that kills her mother (which is not an accident at all) and catches the eye of Adam Conant, who coincidentally is a part of a secret group of witches and want her to join to see the circle to its full potential. But the the thing is Adam is already dating another circle member Diana Meade. Although Cassie knows there is something between her and Adam that cannot be explained, she knows her boundary and knows not to make advances on someone else's man. As to the remaining circle members - Faye Chamberlain, Melissa Glaser and Nick Armstrong - also want Cassie so the circle can be more powerful and be able to do much better spells that just opening lockers or curtains.

So Cassie is still reserving judgement because she is still depressed over her mothers death and is kinda a loner but certain incidents lead her to do the impossible and she must bind the circle in order to contain all the free energy laying around them all. Which leads to some complications the circle can't do individual magic alone and must rely on their fellow members to help in dire situations.

But there you have it - past comes knocking on their doors, revealing things about Cassie's mom that kinda paints her in bad light. So Cassie sits down to research and sort of finds out something entirely different that what they thought. One thing leads to another - a little bit of demon chase, a very very strong demon to be exact that needs a sigil to be contained and we lose a circle member - Nick. Which brings his brother Jake, who is portrayed as a big jerk with not such a great past with the circle member (except Cassie) back to town.

And Jake is way HOT! He seems to have caught the eye of his charming neighbor Cassie. That "Hey Neighbor" line which both Nick and Jack say when they meet Cassie is rather ironic. Apart from all the past bad dealings he has with the circle, Cassie is the only one who gives him the benefit of doubt. She is the only one who sees him as he is now rather than living in the past. Cassie also feels a sort of connection with Jake, both of them feel like outsiders to the tight-knit group or the locals and both have been running away from the show or in Cassie's case her mother who seems to be running away from her past.

But wait there is more to Jake than what meets the eye - he is also the enemy...somewhat. By later we all know the reason why he is back in Chance Harbor and that is not to attend his brother's funeral, well not really. And that is not all he seems to be wavering from his decided course of action through the later episodes. Hmmm....someone other than Adam would be good for her. Lets face it both Cassie and Jake's chemistry during the mid-season finale was of the charts....literally. So pardon me but I'd rather prefer Cassie and Jake to be together rather than her being with Adam.

Hopefully he'll be back for the back episodes (sorry its a spoiler for those who still need to watch the episode). Wait forgot to mention Cassie finally gets to know who her father was, a person named John Blackwell - and some of those scenes where she does magic by herself are super creepy.

Anyways moving on thoughts for all nine episodes and where it could have been a little better - So yes both "The Secret Circle" and "The Vampire Diaries" and babies of L.J. Smith (author) and both are helped by the same production department, Kevin Williamson to be exact. But while the vampire diaries has finally found its niche with the third season going on, the secret circle is still trying to find its footing. And I'd say little by little they are steps is good, baby steps is very good. Paranormal is one genre which has a lot of possibilities that can be effectively realized to make it a stellar show. Mainly what I felt was the witch part of the plot course use much work. We are learning about the 2nd generation and what they did or what happened in that fire - suspense and mystery - good way to keep the viewers on their toes but the fact still remains that that part of the plot could have been more fleshed out.

As far as the acting aspect goes - both Britt Robertson (Cassie) and Phoebe Tonekin (Faye) were the only ones who actually had a constant good act going on, although Louis Hunter (Nick) was very good in his act, well this the producers and directors deemed he stay on that is. Hopefully Nick i'll be back somehow. But Chris Zylka (Jake) was a force to be reckoned with....he started out stiff and by the mid-season hiatus became a favourite. Hopefully we'll see him again too. Jessica Parker (Melissa) and Shelley Hennig (Diana) are great as well (but not really my favorites).

But the one thing is it gets a bonus in one context is it honors Harry Potter and decidedly stay different from that genre of wand of waving. Remember the second episode where Cassie and Adam are in the clubhouse and Cassie seeing all the witchy stuff says "It feels like a Harry Potter movie" but Adam says "That guys had a wand". (Since the books and movies are different from each other but being adapted is good it helps you to stay on track and still explore more options.)

Promo for the next episode -

Promo for the next episode looks promising and hopefully we'd all have our hopes answered in the back 9 episodes.

So see you guys on 5th January, 2012. 


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