Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Descent"

Its finally back.......The Vampire Diaries after a months hiatus returns with more gruesome side of the inhabitants of Mystic Falls or a teeny tiny bit of focusing on the fate that may befall on the resident bloodsuckers of the mystical town of mystic falls. (Man this hiatus was making me feel like so boring......thank God its back on air)

Alright lets get serious shall we???

"I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret." This dialog of Damon well i didn't know it was a secret but oh well! I was hoping that ‘The Descent’ would bring the show out of its hiatus with a bang but it was more of a slow build. I’m still not entirely sure what it was building toward; I wasn’t aware that the big final revelation, that Damon misses being human, was actually a secret. It’s seemed pretty obvious for a season and a half.

So "The Descent" leaves us with a major body count - three campers (dead), one shirtless hot blood sucker (Stefan), one unfortunate female (dead? dying? Damon's return to the dark side?) In between, the plot didn't move forward very much, but plenty of information was passed between characters that planted the seeds for what should be an exciting second half of the season.

Stefan is pulling a Katherine, trying to build up his tolerance to vervain. Not a bad strategy keep it up stef, it'll definitely help in the long run, but let's remember how close he came to the dark side when he did the same with human blood.

When Rose was not sucking down packets of blood like they were six packs at Charlie Sheen's house, she spent a lot of time selling Elena on the advantages of being human, even saying building a family with a vampire is "not compatible" for her kind. Is this more foreshadowing of a decision Elena will soon have to make?

That was a very strange dream within which Damon and Rose hung out, wasn't it? It was a touching scene (it just made me cry), but it seemed to be an example of the show making up a supernatural rule. Since when can Damon control another vampire's subconscious in such a manner? Damon well what can we say about him he’s adorable, simple as that. I just don’t understand what his motives are for hiding the fact that he feels. No one really believes that he’s a coldhearted bastard and he knows they don’t. At the most, he’d get a pitiful look from Stefan and a teary hug from Elena (which he got anyway), but what else does Damon possibly get from denying his emotions? Isn’t it hurting him more in the long run? In fact, isn’t it this denial and playing into the whole vampire stereotype that made him breakdown at the end of the episode? Damon is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery wrapped up in hotness.

But it was a bit whiny and typical vampire-emo at the end, but then Damon killed the chick anyway. Nice contrast, by the way: the tender, peaceful mercy killing of Rose and the outright slaughter of poor little chick. This also means the return of the bad-ass, seemingly cold Damon.

We've seen countless love triangles before on television, but this has to be the first between a human, werewolf and vampire, right? Then again, with the intel Jules has passed along the Tyler, he may wanna yell at Caroline more than make out with her next week. (It's true check the promo for the next episode.)

Caroline declares her love to Matt (as much of a declaration as it can be given the delivery) before running away scared. She’s a vampire, he’s The Human, it’s bound to end badly. (I like this train of thought, Caroline, go share it with Elena.) Back at home waits Tywolf who asks why she’s helping him and then kisses her. This in itself would be fairly unremarkable, except Caroline says the line of the episode: “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!” Oh, dearest Caroline.

She’s the only reason for Matt being in the show right now – he has nothing else going on – so part of me wants her to go back to him. But then Tyler is well, Tyler and the whole vampire/werewolf thing would be fun. (And let’s face it, I’m just curious as to how restrained they can be around each other to avoid the whole ‘one bite means death’ scenario.)

Can't say I missed Bonnie or Jeremy very much. No offense, guys. But let's all welcome back John Gilbert. Hope your fingers are feeling better, buddy.

Overall, one might criticize the episode for focusing too much on Rose, a character we haven't known for very long. But I see it differently. The extended death scene and the pain she was in as a result of the werewolf bite was necessary in order to depict the stakes that are on the horizon during the impending werewolf/vampire war.

Next Week, we see some Daddy Issues, Uncle or Daddy (whatever you wanna call him) John is back! And, okay, maybe Tyler locking Caroline in a cage will put a dampener on any possible future relationship. But who knows episode promos have been known to be a bit misleading at times.


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