Sunday, September 5, 2010

Has Robert Pattinson Lost His Touch!!!!

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has already risen to stardom and has stolen the heart of women around the world but there is a new vampire on the block named Ian Somerhalder. Somerhalder stars in the new TV series Vampire Diaries and is stealing some of the vampire stardom from Pattinson!

Has Robert Pattinson really lost his edge??? 

Former “Lost” star Ian Somerhalder’s vampire character in “The Vampire Diaries” has beaten “Twilight” ‘s Edward Cullen to be crowned America’s Sexiest Beast.

The actor’s Damon Salvatore finished just ahead of Robert Pattinson’s movie bloodsucker in Entertainment Weekly magazine’s new poll for the sexiest beast.

Bite me, Edward Cullen. Damon Salvatore of “Vampire Diaries”–played to smirking perfection by Ian Somerhalder–has officially been declared the ultimate Sexiest Beast, beating out not only the ‘Twilight’ boys but the “True Blood” vamps, as well, in an extensive online tournament held byEntertainment Weekly following several internet campaigns and nearly 2 million total votes.
Somerhalder had previously tweeted his expectations that Pattinson would win out, saying, “That Pattinson guy will end up kicking my butt, however thanks for taking the time, that’s really cool : )” Following his victory, however, he reported from the “Vampire Diaries” set that all of his co-stars had taken to calling him by his rightful title.

Who is the better or should i say hotter of the two?

Damon, as the winner, is featured on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly (along with several of the runner-ups, Edward included), and has his hotness further validated in a few steamy just-released “Vampire Diaries” Season 2 promotional pics.

Some of the promotional picture for season 2 of THE VAMPIRE DAIRIES  starting this september 9th!
Well I for one have been counting the days (3 more days left)!!!


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